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Whether you’re manufacturing highly customized items or products for mass retail, you rely on a network of systems and applications to orchestrate well-coordinated movements between supply chain, finance, sales, customer service, distribution, logistics and human resources. Over time, this results in a patchwork of different solutions that don’t integrate well, aren’t compatible with newer applications and devices, and are expensive and time-consuming to maintain. When technology doesn’t do what you need it to do, you lose something: functionality, quality, time, or the ability to gain more valuable insight from data.

Astadia has the legacy modernization, business process management and security expertise to drive new levels of efficiency and revenue. Whatever you need to run your business — be it a digital marketing platform, a social business platform, accounting systems, applied industrial technologies or a service desk — we can integrate and create custom applications that ensure complete visibility and alignment across the enterprise. And, we can help you fine-tune business processes for maximum productivity and service. Manufacture, collaborate, innovate and sell more effectively than you ever thought possible.

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James Daviner

Solution Architect

James Daviner

Jim is a Solutions Architect at Astadia and a business consultant for 25 years, with 20 percent of that time exclusively with Salesforce in a variety of business environments. As a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Jim applies his skills to understand business processes and apply the Salesforce solution to efficiently meet business needs. Having run multiple businesses, he understands the needs associated and appreciates that sometimes “out-of-the-box” solutions are the best route.

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