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When you work to make society a better place, you need

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Public Sector

Whether you’re a government agency, a school system or any other public sector organization, your actions have a lasting effect on the community. Citizens expect utmost efficiency in service delivery and cost, but they also have high standards. These competing challenges will put stress and strain on any IT department serving the public sector — especially those who rely on aging legacy systems. Outdated technology platforms that don’t integrate well make it difficult to get clear visibility of the enterprise from a holistic perspective, resulting in inefficiencies and poor performance. Plus, the workarounds required to add new applications and mobile capabilities on older infrastructure will likely degrade stability and security.

Astadia has the modernization and data security expertise you need to smoothly transition onto new, flexible, scalable and secure architecture. Whether you need start-from-scratch application development, or application migration to the Cloud; no matter if your business relies on GIS for geospatial data or marketing software for demand generation; we have the expertise to solve your challenges. We can enhance your current systems or create custom applications that boost your ability to administrate, collaborate, innovate and operate more effectively than ever before. You’ll lower your cost of system maintenance — and finally be able to adopt modern tools that help people work faster and smarter. Let’s make the public sector workplace a better place.

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Steve Steuart

Senior Director

Steve Steuart

Steve Steuart has been in the application and database modernization business for over 20 years and has overseen over 90 mainframe migrations across many platforms throughout the world. As an experienced industry leader, Steve has driven the development of several innovations such as automated migration tools, best practices and award-winning services.

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