AppHub Repository

Astadia AppHub provides your business with a single portal to access Software Applications and Tools that enable best in class IT solutions and Managed Services that promote Cloud Development and Legacy Migration through your journey to cloud modernization and beyond.

Practice experts have selected, tested and used the Applications on AppHub to successfully deliver multiple projects in a variety of configurations. Over the years we have used and built many Applications which have significantly enhanced our ability to deliver services with speed and quality. Astadia offers our customers the benefit of our experience and recommendations through AppHub.

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Cloud Development

Cloud Development

Cultivating the right tools from testing to delivery can be tricky. Let us show you our top picks.

Legacy Migration

Platform Migrations

Modernizing your mainframe takes tools and a plan, get access to both to make migrating a breeze.

Managed IT Services

Managed Services

Delivering ITaaS requires great software and partners. Discover how with our industry-leading resources.