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Application Integration Services

For decades, organizations have invested in integration technologies to incrementally innovate and drive profitability. In today’s digital era, organizations invest in cloud integration technologies to transform how they interact with customers, how they manage and monitor application performance, how and where their employees work and make decisions, and how these changes influence customer decisions and satisfaction.

At Astadia, we know digital transformation and integrations with platforms, APIs, data and customer experience is more important than ever before. Our experts ensure your integration decisions and implementation can squeeze the most value and performance out of your investment.  We use modern cloud integration tools and libraries to capture and share unique aspects of your application.


The Application Integration Process

Astadia’s Application Integration Services are broad and deep. We support integration technologies that modernize and connect your legacy applications to modern reactive single-page web presentations. We connect layered application integration architectures with modern microservice architectures. In addition, we have a long and successful history of helping our clients integrate and re-integrate core ‘light-on’ systems to extend the longevity of critical business platforms.


Application Integration Safety and Security

We know your Integration safety is a top concern and therefore our top priority. Our practices and partners minimize security risks by applying development techniques that eliminate OWASP and SANS security vulnerabilities prior to delivering integration to production environments.


Application Integration Service Deliverables

Astadia concentrates on aspect oriented architecture and pattern templates for application integration. When implemented properly, these patterns enable you to quickly get to production with the most stable, scalable and maintenance-free set of applications possible. We also follow best practices suggested by popular packaged software applications. Common enterprise integration patterns include:

  • Request and reply
  • Fire and forget
  • Batch synchronization
  • Remote call-In
  • UI update based on data changes


Choose Astadia for your Application Integration Service

Astadia is a premier technology consultancy focused on maximizing the impact and minimizing the risks of today’s blended enterprise and cloud ecosystem.

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully migrated more than 120 customers. Our skills and experience with enterprise application integration, combined with our agility and proven results, make Astadia the best partner to conduct your Application Integration project.

Our patented adoption roadmap process is a tested methodology, which delivers risk migration with predictable results. In addition, we offer a number of services to help you move through the entire Cloud experience.

  • Proven track record by our customers
  • Broad skill set and experience base
  • Full services across the entire system life cycle
  • Fixed price, timeframe and set of deliverables for your business


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