Application Modernization

Guiding you Through a World of New

Working on your legacy systems has held your organization back from leveraging new digital technologies. With our help, we will enable you to use the latest tech innovations to creating new experiences for your customers, stakeholders, and partners.
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A quick polish

A quick and simple application modernization could be to improve the UX and UI by replacing character-based “green screens” with browser-based graphical interfaces.

Approaches that fit you

There are many approaches to Legacy Application Modernization, including reusing existing code, rewriting the code or replacing the application with a cloud-native one.

Extending life

Integrate your proven, business-critical logic with contemporary applications running on any on–premises or cloud platform to extend the life and investment of your portfolio.

Continue to Extend Your Applications

Moving away from your mainframe will open up a whole world of new opportunities, but you might find you lack the in-house expertise to fully take advantage of your new, modernized or systems. Our experts can help you to create an IT strategy that supports the quick adoption of newer technologies such as the cloud, big data, IoT, mobile, and much, much more.
  • Quickly and agilely drive your organizations adoption of new technological innovations to transform legacy applications
  • Leverage the speed and agility of your new platform to build powerful cloud-native applications
  • Expand your capabilities and keep pace with competitors and new market entrants by utilizing the savings from your new platform (60-80% per year) to fund a powerful Application Modernization program

Continuous Modernization

Mainframe modernizations should not be seen as a stand-alone event or a project, but as part of a continuous process to continually drive your business to new possibilities and greater heights.
  • Transform monolithic mainframe applications into microservices
  • Introduce Agile Development and key DevOps principals like CI/CD and automated testing
  • Cloud and mobile ready applications

Refactor. Rewrite. Reinvent.

You’re no longer locked in to your legacy systems. Embrace the possibilities that come from extending your systems through application refactoring and rewriting. With our experts by your side, you will become a nimble market-leader that can quickly respond to changes in your market or quickly adopt emerging technologies.
  • Our Refactoring or Rewriting Services will ensure that your mainframe applications reach your desired levels of modernization
  • Refactoring modernizes core application codebases, without modifying behavior, to streamline a functioning application without extensive rewritten
  • For poorly functioning applications, or business rules that need overhauling, our experts can perform a full rewrite - while complex, costly and potentially, done by our experts it can yield outstanding long-term benefits