What is FastPaaS? And why you need to know about it before you Modernize you Mainframe

Andy Sherman
August 29, 2019
10 min
Micro Focus

In today’s business environment, mainframe migration is no longer optional. More than 80 percent of companies believe “going digital” is a critical competitive advantage – while 33 percent pinpoint it as a matter of business survival. But real transformation demands a strong foundational IT infrastructure with the ability to change and evolve alongside market and business requirements – something that mainframes simply cannot do.

Astadia, Micro Focus and Microsoft understand the challenges companies face in migrating legacy and mainframe infrastructures for this new world. And while modernization isn’t easy as flipping a switch, our team is making transformation safer, easier, and more cost-effective than ever before – with FASTPaaS

FASTPaaS to Mainframe Migration

For the Fortune 500, mainframes are part of standard operating procedure. In fact, more than 70 percent of these businesses rely on mainframes handling 30 billion business transactions per day.

Unfortunately, mainframes are often too rigid to support meaningful, real-time decisions in the new digital world. This means companies are searching for new ways to power a holistic journey to mainframe migration.

And that’s where FASTPaaS comes in - powered by Astadia, Micro Focus and Microsoft!

The FASTPaaS framework and methodology is specifically designed as the fastest and most cost-effective approach for this modernization journey. While many solutions struggle to seamlessly and safely migrate core business applications to the cloud, FASTPaaS is the market’s only offering expanding beyond typical “Lift and Shift” approaches. This fully integrated migration journey now makes it possible to consider all key functions as part of this transformation - from DevOps and testing to integrated security and compliance.

Combining decades of expertise in successful mainframe migration, the joint FASTPaaS methodology breaks down typical silos for a more efficient transition of legacy applications and elements to flexible, scalable cloud-based infrastructures on Microsoft Azure. This guarantees businesses have a proven and easy pathway to modernization, without complex processes or heavy capital investments.

As cloud is the new mainframe for digital infrastructures, companies must find a way to get there quickly and efficiently. With FASTPaaS, the days of relying on the old, rigid infrastructures are gone.  In fact, FASTPaaS is the market’s only TESTED AND PROVEN approach to migration, unlocking critical dormant data housed in the mainframe.

And at the heart of FASTPaaS is the proven expertise each partner brings to the table.

Astadia + Micro Focus + Microsoft = Success!

The shift from proprietary, mainframe-based infrastructures to flexible cloud models provides customers with significant opportunities to save time and money.  In fact, a survey of senior IT decision-makers indicates 94 percent are actively considering moving off mainframes, and 77 percent believe their organizations should have already initiated migration initiatives. Additionally, a recent Micro Focus-sponsored whitepaper finds businesses not only WANT to modernize for competitive differentiation – but NEED to modernize to stay ahead of the curve.

Combining the market’s leading migration tools and cloud platform, FASTPaaS is backed by more than two decades of proven experience from Astadia. Starting with a comprehensive approach to application discovery and rationalization, and continuing straight through to final testing, FASTPaaS allows customers to embrace migration with streamlined timelines and a lower cost than competitive solutions.


An industry pioneer in mainframe migration services, Astadia handles millions of lines of code every year - transitioning core mainframe workloads and applications to powerful, fast and cost-effective cloud environments like Microsoft Azure.

Astadia delivers a critical, three-stage approach to modernization that includes comprehensive mainframe and application assessment, followed by a highly proactive approach to mainframe and application modernization.

In a proven approach, the team first analyzes existing technology platforms, applications, processes and resources. It’s here application validation and rationalization takes place – a critical element that many migration projects underestimate. At this point, applications to be migrated are identified, application upgrades are pinpointed, and end-of-life determinations are made. This detailed visibility makes it possible to map a customer’s specific migration journey – with processes, outcomes and potential pitfalls identified up-front.

The next stage is dedicated to migrating all infrastructure and applications to leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. Unlocking critical data often trapped in the mainframe, Astadia takes the transition beyond “Lift and Shift” to incorporate such time-tested methodologies as re-platforming. Automated Code Conversion also effectively translates legacy code to modern languages like Java or C#.

Once applications are free from the mainframe, Astadia then focuses on long-term growth with ongoing optimization and modernization. It’s here application re-factoring and rewriting plays a key role, alongside CI/CD, Automated Testing and Mainframe Managed Services.

And with FASTPaaS, everything is supported by reliable, tested and proven re-platforming software from Micro Focus.

Micro Focus

With Micro Focus, customers can dramatically enhance the value of core mainframe systems to transform infrastructures, boost agility, and optimize the cost of IT investments. With more than four decades of modernization experience, Micro Focus software is focused on effective application migration or re-platforming – a safe and cost-effective mechanism to transition the infrastructure.

With a robust approach to deploying COBOL and legacy applications in a new modern platform, Micro Focus solutions are tailor-made for individual customer environments to reduce application TCO and dependency on proprietary hardware. Business risk is significantly reduced by preserving all investments in COBOL and legacy application logic and data.

Regardless of platform, Micro Focus has the broadest choice and flexibility for application re-platforming. The company’s solution moves existing COBOL applications into a new, more flexible environment. Supported by these offerings, Micro Focus customers like SNS Bank in The Netherlands have been able to automatically convert 95 percent of their COBOL code to future-proof their infrastructure. Others like the City of Miami were able to drive a 50 percent reduction in IT operations costs with Micro Focus leading re-hosting from Unisys Mainframe to Windows.

The key is Micro Focus’ ability to remain platform-agnostic, allowing customers to leverage the full benefits, flexibility and functionality of leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. This approach ensures companies fully embrace the new digital, real-time digital infrastructure.


Working together, Astadia and Micro Focus help customers engineer an effective, efficient and cost-effective journey to Microsoft Azure – the award-winning cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.

The platform delivers a broad range of services, from compute and analytics to storage and networking. Users can easily choose services to develop and easily scale new applications or run existing applications – right from the public cloud.

Microsoft Azure’s ever-expanding suite of cloud computing services gives organizations the freedom to build and manage applications across a global network, all while using preferred tools and frameworks from Astadia and Micro Focus. With data centers in more regions than any other cloud provider, Azure has global reach with local presence that businesses require. Companies can reduce the cost, time, and complexity of operating a global infrastructure, while meeting local data residency requirements.

Perhaps that’s why 90 percent of all Fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft cloud to drive business. With full support of open source technologies, users can unlock the tools and technologies of their choice. Virtually any application can run on Azure using any data source or existing operating systems. Part of a holistic system, security and privacy is built in to the Azure platform – ensuring the highest levels of trust, transparency, and regulatory compliance of any cloud platform on the market today.

Azure is also a critical component for future-proofing the infrastructure to prepare for the world of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. As the foundation for intelligent cloud, Azure drives ubiquitous computing across every type of intelligent application and system. Helping businesses capitalize on the intelligent edge, Azure ensures businesses can continuously expand the set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze.

With Azure as the underlying infrastructure, companies can combine the virtually limitless computing power of the cloud with intelligent and perceptive devices to deliver a framework for building immersive and impactful business solutions.

A Winning Combination

Don’t be locked down by legacy mainframe environments. While powerful, these infrastructures are proven to block growth. Astadia expertise, Micro Focus tools and the Microsoft Azure framework practically guarantees companies can quickly and easily get started on the digital journey.

With the powerful FASTPaaS methodology, you can now go beyond typical “Lift and Shift” approaches to migrate each infrastructure holistically – taking into account not just platforms and applications, but testing and security. Removing complex migration silos, FASTPaaS doesn’t just upgrade your current infrastructure, but also helps capture all that’s possible across the evolving infrastructure of the future.

The time is now to drive new efficiencies, boost innovation, and prepare for the digital transformation – and FASTPaaS is making it all possible.

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