Scott Kitlinski

Scott Kitlinski

Astadia Expert

Football fan or not, you probably saw or heard about the Super Bowl this past weekend. And you know the focus was all about Tom Brady. The fact that he is 40 years old and performing like a young man is even the subject of the documentary “Tom vs Time.” Admittedly I am an obsessive Patriots fan, but this is not about football or even TB12.

Time is almost never on our side. As IT or business professionals, there is never enough time. Relative to IT investments, most depreciate in value and performance as soon as we have them in place. As one TV analyst put it, “Father time is undefeated.” 

Tom Brady cannot out run time but he is making it a great race. He focuses on pliability, flexibility, and very healthy practices.  Tom has also evolved and become smarter during his career.  And he doesn’t do it alone.  He is surrounded by a great team.

So what if we could apply some of these same principles to battle time in technology terms? Astadia believes we can and proves it each day by applying our methods with our customers. We have dedicated teams who work with clients to make old things new again by migrating mainframe applications to the cloud. 

Our DevOps  and Testing group make Agile more agile to accelerate time to value in the applications development space. And our Managed Services teams combine hybrid solutions to leverage the best of cloud pliability and on-premise investments to create excellence. We also care about our clients’ users and technology, to make sure the organization gets the value from IT that it should.

In his documentary Brady says “What are you willing to do and what are you willing to give-up to be the best you can be?” Our customers didn’t give up anything; they simply chose the right partner in Astadia to help them maximize performance, outcomes and return on investment.   

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