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Application modernization can have a significant impact on the IT system, but choosing an approach that entails low risk and duration while maximizing the results can result in a process that doesn’t interfere with the business at all.

At Astadia, we are able to migrate applications without interrupting business operations by using a proven methodology and powerful tools to automate both the migration and the testing process.

Application Modernization Methodology

Let's first have a look at the migration methodology we use, an innovation that eliminates risk from software transformation projects. Its main characteristics are the migration staging area and a snapshot-oriented approach that preserves the system’s functionality and important artefacts at key-moments of the migration:

  • Source code
  • Code data structures
  • (Test) Data
  • Test cases

All these artefacts are frozen at the exact same time and completely in sync when taking a snapshot. Once a snapshot is created, it is transferred to the Migration Factory.

By working with snapshots, it is possible for regular maintenance release cycles and migration release cycles to happen independently of each other, assuring maximum efficiency of both operations.

The process then focuses on the migration, one snapshot at a time, and functional equivalence is achieved with the latest snapshot, not with a moving target. As time progresses and tools are customized, each iteration naturally goes faster than the one before.

Automated Migration and Testing

Automation is important for several reasons, amongst others to keep the project duration as short as possible and assure an optimal Return on Investment (ROI) for the project, but also to assure correctness and repeatability, therefore controlling all the aspects of the process.

By automating the testing, the involvement of the business users can be kept to an absolute minimum, and the project can be regarded as an IT project, with no impact on the business.

Here's the process explained:

If you would like to learn more about automated migration and testing in the context of a specific mainframe modernization project, schedule a free consultation with our experts and they will gladly offer their support.

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