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Cloud Assessment

Astadia’s cloud assessment service is designed to provide you with the data you need to determine which applications and infrastructure can, and should be moved to the cloud.  Our proven methodology will provide you with the proper data and cost analysis to configure the optimum cloud configurations, cloud providers, and costs to allow you to make informed decisions on your migration strategy, and understand your cloud Total Cost of Ownership.

Cloud assessment

Using our automated process, and cloud expert consultants, we will provide you with the data to:

  • Compare precise TCO across AWS, Azure, & Google Cloud Platform
  • Identify your best-fit cloud provider and configuration
  • See projected performance of your applications with recommended cloud configurations
  • Make accurate cloud decisions
  • Understand any business impacts around people and processes that would be affected by this move
  • Accelerate the time to Cloud Value


How do Cloud Assessment services work?

A small agent will be loaded on each target platform or an agentless approach is also available.  The agent will need to run for 14 to 30 days to gather all of the required information for our consultants to analyze your infrastructure and provide you with:

  • Infrastructure Configurations
  • Application Dependencies
  • Any connected Shadow Infrastructure in your environment
  • Utilization data and performance metrics
  • Move groups (systems that should be migrated together) and high level migration strategy
  • Optimal cloud configuration for each workload to migrate to

Our cloud consultants will also interview members of the Infrastructure, Applications, and Procurement teams to understand current policies and processes that need to be understood.


Cloud Assessment services Safety and Security

Our Cloud Assessment software is completely safe and secure to run on your infrastructure.  It is either a non-invasive agent or an agentless software that gathers systems metadata. It does not access user generated data.  The agent:

  • Requires very little CPU cycles (.05%)
  • Does not require any special firewall ports to be open
  • Only gathers infrastructure and application performance data – no PII (Personally Identifiable Information
  • Does not require a reboot
  • Communicates through secure protocols (SSL, TLS, or Proxy)


Why use Astadia’s Cloud Assessment services?

As you are going through the decision-making stage, you probably have quite a few questions to answer. Your organization made the decision to move to the cloud, so now what?  Astadia will help you answer these questions.

  • What are all the applications we have and how are they connected?
  • Which applications should I move to the cloud and in what order should I move them?
  • Which cloud vendor is right for me and how much will it cost?
  • How can I ensure optimal performance of our cloud?
  • How do I control our cloud costs?
  • What changes need to happen in my IT or procurement processes if I make these changes


What you get with Astadia’s Cloud Assessment services?

Application Suitability

The Cloud Readiness Assessment Report will provide you a summary of all the information you need to know to make the right decisions on your cloud migration strategy.  Not all applications are meant to move to the cloud.  Others will require significant effort and finesse.  Others may “lift and shift” easily.  Our report will provide you with this information.

Application Dependency Analysis

This allows you to understand the relationship between the applications and infrastructure in your environment.

Migration Order Strategy

By understanding the utilization and relationships between the applications you can:

  • Develop “move groups” to make sure all dependent pieces are migrated simultaneously
  • Group applications based on dependencies, tags, migration phases, etc.
  • Have a complete view of what the migrated infrastructure would look like and cost

Total Cost of Ownership

By incorporating the utilization information gathered during this process, Astadia will provide:

  • A “right sized” cloud environment which to maximize the value of multiple instance types and configurations available from cloud providers
  • A Total Cost Analysis broken down by Compute, Storage, and Network which can even be broken down at a machine level.
  • Define your “best fit” cloud configuration for each of your workloads including instances, storage options, network, and pricing plans (pay-as-you-go, reserved, spot, etc.)
  • Identify over and underutilized capacity within your existing environment and give you recommendations for optimization.
  • Identify areas of change within your IT and procurement processes


Why is Astadia the best service company to do this for my organization?

Astadia is a premier technology consultancy focused on maximizing the impact and minimizing the risks of today’s blended enterprise and cloud ecosystem.

Clients choose Astadia for our experience, agility and the results we deliver.

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