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Disaster Recovery Services

In today’s complex environments, protecting your data is no easy task. Astadia’s Disaster Recovery services will help you modernize and simplify your disaster recovery (DR) environments to ensure your data and systems are secure and always available.  Disaster Recovery is a comprehensive portfolio of services that enable business operations to continue to function in the event of any disruption of service. Cloud backups safeguard your business by helping to protect the important files your website or application needs. We will quickly get you back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or file loss.

Operational downtime can severally impact a company’s finances, loss of opportunities, and even loss of market share, so it is important to not overlook the importance of a Disaster Recovery strategy. Once your backup and DR environments are hosted in the cloud, our Managed Services can take over the daily monitoring and maintenance of your backup and DR infrastructures.


The Disaster Recovery Process

A disruption of service can include a failure of a server node, corruption of an operational system, or a complete loss of a data center.

Astadia’s DR Cloud Factory Services will run a full analysis of your organization’s existing infrastructure and recommend the most cost effective and robust backup solution. Next, we will walk you through the many factors to consider when planning and designing a DR Strategy.

  1. Identify the risk of a system failure and what is the impact of that failure.
  2. Identify what are the pieces that need to be replicated and restored.
  3. Choose your DR location strategy, what technology to use and how to orchestrate all environments
  4. Return to normal operations.

Our developed expertise using the leading disaster recovery tools and best practices in the market will match your requirements, ensuring that your DR environment matches your RTOs, RPOs and SLAs. Don’t worry – Astadia can help you determine which DR services best fits your needs and we will take all of the following into consideration.


Backup & Disaster Recovery Safety and Security

Astadia uses DRaas best practices and industry-leading safety measures to ensure your data is secure during backup, restore and replication operations. We leverage the latest tools to ensure all security vulnerabilities are identified and addressed.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Deliverables

Our backup and disaster recovery solutions help you simplify and modernize your backup and DR environments using the latest public cloud offerings and tools.

  • Analyze your business needs
  • Assessment of existing infrastructure
  • Provide protection recommendation of multiple DRaaS scenarios
  • Design, implementation and, testing of your DRaaS solution
  • Monitor and manage your DRaaS environment

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Choose Astadia for your Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

Astadia provides an end to end solution to help you simply and modernize your backup and DR environments by utilizing the latest public cloud offerings and tools.  Our solution engineers design and implement your DR and data backup based on your needs and our NOC technicians monitor, maintain and implement a 7X24 service to insure your infrastructure and data is available when you needed.

Astadia is a premier technology consultancy focused on maximizing the impact and minimizing the risks of today’s blended enterprise and cloud ecosystem.

Clients choose Astadia for our experience, agility and the results we deliver.


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