Amp up your data, boost your information flow rate and conserve

more energy for more strategic tasks.


Whether you’re a public utility or an energy provider, mega volumes of data flow through your enterprise each day. Customer information, production data, property ownership details, environmental reports, contracts, real-time pricing, marketing campaigns and more must be integrated from a variety of disparate sources — even from deep underground. Managing all of this is a massive undertaking and a drain on razor-thin margins. Let Astadia help.

We’ll dig below the surface to get a solid understanding of your business, the energy consumed to get work done, and your ideal state. From there, we’ll revamp, build or implement data analytics solutions and automation platforms to help you turn disparate data into powerful business intel. From GIS oil & gas solutions to visualize productivity and profitability, to custom applications that lead to streamlined field and customer service operations, to demand generation that attracts new customers, we can help you find the answers you need to power forward — profitably, and in full regulatory compliance.

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Will Hurley

Senior Director

Will Hurley

During his 20+ year career Will has ridden the crest of numerous software development and security waves. Will represented the U.S. Air Force in the DoD’s Joint Service Architecture for Theater Battle Management and managed layered security initiatives for two leading National Labs. Today Will helps clients achieve desired system and product lifecycle characteristics. He speaks on architectural and delivery issues and is a Level III Certified Acquisition Professional in Systems Engineering and Program Management with numerous security certifications.


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Cloud Adoption Whitepaper
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