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Today’s modern businesses are bombarded with continuous messaging about the imperative of digital transformation, cloud computing and the changing technology and device needs of customers and employees alike. While this is all true, it does not begin to address the harsh reality that there are also existing, ongoing enterprise needs to go along with the potential that leveraging cloud services promise.

For more than 25 years, Astadia has been the trusted resource for companies who strive to prosper during waves of disruptive change and gain lasting competitive advantage, while lowering costs and improving service. We collaborate with businesses in a wide range of industries to design, build, and manage complex, integrated infrastructures that meet the demands of constantly changing business requirements and user needs. Clients stay with us for years because we focus on results that are both durable, yet flexible enough to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Astadia’s proven portfolio of services drive greater performance and lower costs throughout your technology infrastructure – from integrated cloud and datacenter solutions to the desktop, mobile and other devices of today’s workforce and customers. Our services include:

    • Strategy and Assessment consulting that will determine your organization’s current “Cloud Maturity” level, map your organization’s priorities to a detailed roadmap for planning, implementing and optimizing integrated cloud and enterprise solutions.

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    • Software Lifecycle Services is our full suite of beginning-to-end software services that include custom application development and integration, independent validation and verification (IVV), and application rationalization. We partner with you to bring your ideas from vision to value in dramatically reduced timeframes, leveraging all of the capabilities that cloud (whether public, private or hybrid) and mobile computing offer.

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    • Platform and Infrastructure Services that will plan, design, optimize, and manage your network, servers, databases and other critical systems from on-premise enterprise implementations to integrated cloud capabilities to maximize performance for an always-on world.

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    • Legacy Modernization Services that allow you to achieve a new vision for your mission-critical legacy mainframe applications, whether you choose to re-platform, re-write or re-engineer. Updating legacy platforms empowers your organization to more easily access and use the wealth of customer information, historical data, and proven business processes that the legacy systems contain while significantly reducing costs of ownership and maintenance renewals, while driving better performance across the enterprise.

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    • Cloud Migration Services focus on helping you extend or migrate your chosen infrastructure and platform capabilities to a cloud environment and managing the journey to the best solution – whether it be public, private, or an integrated hybrid cloud.

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    • Enterprise and Cloud Integration Services are essential to ensuring that all of your cloud-based applications and solutions fully leverage the data and capabilities in the existing enterprise ecosystem.

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