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Government Summit 2019

Power Your Digital Transformation

The Government Summit 2019 hosted by Micro Focus Government Solutions is the premier public sector event of 2019. Join us along with 300 of your government peers to learn how to Power Your Digital Transformation and achieve Mission readiness with Enterprise DevSecOps, Smart Cloud, Intelligent Analytics, and Security.

With the government focused on supply chain risk, artificial intelligence, automation, security, and IT workforce management, there is unparalleled alignment with the priorities of the commercial sector and private technology industry. For many years, the ideas and mission requirements of disparate industries often resulted in divergent technology priorities that produced solutions requiring large amounts of customization and ramp-up time. The efforts came with tradeoffs in functionality, usability, adoption, and time to value. Today we recognize the massive alignment in IT and security priorities for the modern government enterprise, which will drive enhanced workforce productivity, better citizen services, more robust mission solutions, and reduced time to value.

Join us for a full day of expert discussion, panels, presentations and demos including the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, automation robotics, mainframe to cloud and mobile migration, user and entity behavioral analytics, and much much more!

This year’s summit will feature:

Thought Leadership Content:

As part of our commitment to providing education to the public sector community we serve, Micro Focus Government Solutions has partnered with ICIT, the nation’s leading 501(c)3 non-partisan cybersecurity think tank to develop some of the sessions and curriculum at the 2019 Government Summit. As a member of the ICIT Fellows Program, Micro Focus Government Solutions goal is to offer ICIT and its experts a platform to support the mission of the Institute and share their research and expertise with our attendees at the event.

Together, ICIT and Micro Focus Government Solutions are committed to creating an experience that supports federal agency mission objectives by creating a holistic experience which includes:

Expert speakers: Our agenda will include government speakers, who’ll share their tips and experiences.

Deep, Cutting Edge Technology insight: Benefit from access to our technology gurus, who’ll offer demos, answer questions, and share our latest vision for the future of government technology.

Executive meetings: Meet 1:1 with top technology experts and executives to hear about the industry’s latest innovations and have customized discussions around specific needs within your agency.

Networking: Meet with government peers, partners, academia, technology experts, ICIT fellows, and Micro Focus Government Solutions executives in sessions and at the Networking reception to develop strong relationships and share best practices and lessons learned.

Continuing Education: Attendees of the 2019 Government Summit will earn 4 hours of continuing education credits.


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