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Legacy Leap to Cloud

Modernize Your Cloud Migration Journey

In continuation of our Cloud Assessment and Migration Thought Leadership Series, Mindtree’s moderators along with guest speakers will focus on approaches for Migrating Mainframe Workloads to Cloud on July 28 at 11am EDT.

Although the mainframe remains as a core platform in many Fortune 500 companies, there are some significant pressures that mainframes face in a modern computing environment, such as costly to maintain, difficult to expose or integrate, and a clear skills shortage as most mainframe engineers are approaching retirement.

When deciding to migrate away from your mainframe, you encounter even more exit barriers. Since mainframes often provide services over a long periods of time, the complexity of the intertwined workloads can be difficult to untangle. Often, intensive expert labor is required and still many risks need to be navigated properly. The whole migration task is daunting but doable. The key to a successful migration is seeking an experienced mainframe migration partner.

Identification of the right modernization strategy is crucial for the success of modernization engagements. Using a score-based proven assessment framework can overcome those exit barriers. Additionally, the operating costs for ongoing application services can be dramatically reduced when migrating from a traditional mainframe data center to a Cloud platform. For migration of Mainframe workloads to Cloud, our proprietary assessment framework can help you arrive at one of the following solution approaches:

  • Re-host: Lift and Shift approach using industry-leading products like Micro Focus Enterprise Server
  • Automated transformation: Powered by in-house IP, as well as partner tools and products
  • Ground-up transformation: Re-architect and rewrite with a reverse engineering approach, followed by a forward engineering approach to move Mainframe workloads to a modern technology-based platform Don’t miss the chance!


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