FastTrack Methodology

FastTrackAstadia’s FastTrack brings together the experience, processes, best practices, tools and skills which make your journey successful. Our methodology supports your business from evaluation, planning, implementation, and testing through completion. Every solution is guided by a core set of values and processes that maximize ROI and deliver value.

Astadia provides full transparency on how we deliver world class solutions. Each of our practices have spent years refining their procedures to deliver successful outcomes. It’s not magic; its experience, defined process and an in-depth focus on customer’s requirements.

Learn how our Develop team uses a rapid assessment process to quickly identify and resolve discounts in a DevOps process. See what it really takes to Migrate a mainframe and how our Roadmap to Migration will help you plan for modernization. And all successful Managed Service efforts start with a great on-boarding process.

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Responsive Testing

Astadia provides its clients with premier software quality assurance services through technical expertise, proven methods, industry best practices, rigorous project management, appropriate use of tools, and dedicated facilities. Astadia has both the domain expertise and the proven methods to drive successful Quality Management, Testing and DevOps engagements.

Working on long-term goals, such as ensuring an organization can consistently test and deliver high quality software and upgrades, while simultaneously addressing the immediate needs of customers, is a difficult undertaking. In such situations, Astadia’s focus is on simple but appropriate solutions that provide meaningful strategic and tactical business value. Experts help you identify and prioritize improvement initiatives that provide the greatest return on investment and are congruent with your business goals. Learn more

Cloud Assessment

Astadia’s cloud assessment service is designed to provide you with the data you need to determine which applications and infrastructure can and should be moved to the cloud. Let senior cloud architects use proven methodologies to collect meaningful data and provide cost analysis guiding the creation of optimal cloud configurations. Your roadmap will include cloud providers and costs, facilitating informed decisions for building your migration strategy and understanding your cloud Total Cost of Ownership.


IT Infrastructure AssessmentAstadia’s IT Infrastructure Assessment provides an analysis of your current environment, complete with identified deficiencies and opportunities, suggestions for an updated architecture and a brief roadmap to a new sustainable architecture.

Each IT Infrastructure Assessment consists of device, configuration and tool evaluations, process analysis, and a migration approach customized for you. Current and future states will be documented, and gaps closed as part of the roadmap recommendations. The assessment is tailored to focus on a single defined aspect of your infrastructure, such as networking or servers. Multiple pillars of Infrastructure can be combined for a broader assessment.


Your data and business data protection requirements are unique. Astadia’s Solution Architects specialize in cloud, hybrid and on-prem disaster recovery and backup services that allow you the opportunity to get improved recovery support at a lower cost than the legacy services used in the past. An assessment with our architects will focus on evaluating the data retention and recovery needs of your business, the disaster recovery and backup services you use now, and provide a roadmap to enhanced service options based on business case objectives and a detailed ROI analysis for your decision makers. Learn more

User Services

Astadia’s User Services assessments dive into the needs of your corporate and business unit users. They look to assess the depth and breadth of your total end user experience, identify key areas for efficiencies improvements, and look at upgrade opportunities which could ultimately bring your users more services for a lower cost. Our subject matter expert’s (SME) interview your customers, IT team, executive staff, and support staff to identify the operational functions supported by your current End User Services and create a roadmap for streamlining and supporting your team members with a more efficient and effective end user directed experience.

Mainframe Modernization Discovery Workshop

To map a journey to your desired destination, you first need to understand where you are. The same is true for any Legacy Modernization project. To glean this critical information, Astadia conducts a thorough Modernization Discovery as the first phase of any project. Taking a holistic approach, we conduct subject matter expert (SME) interviews to assess and analyze the current technical environment and its supporting processes in their entirety. Using the Discovery results are critical for developing a modernization strategy, technical solution, and project schedule that meets your specific requirements.

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Cloud Development

Cloud Development

Cultivating the right tools from testing to delivery can be tricky. Let us show you our top picks.

Legacy Migration

Platform Migrations

Modernizing your mainframe takes tools and a plan, get access to both to make migrating a breeze.

Managed IT Services

Managed Services

Delivering ITaaS requires great software and partners. Discover how with our industry-leading resources.