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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Data is the lifeblood of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. They are dealing with highly sensitive data — and matters of life and death — but operating with many legacy systems that have been cobbled together and patched up as new applications have evolved. These “workarounds” weaken performance and are unsustainable, particularly as the preference for mobile capabilities increases and newer data-rich applications come online. Even more critically, the potential for technology failures and security breaches can be catastrophic in the healthcare arena. Your people — and the people they serve — deserve to have confidence that the networks, platforms and databases they rely on are in excellent shape.

Astadia’s experienced and certified team provides healthcare organizations with solutions to these very human challenges. From application development to marketing automation to pharma sales force automation, Astadia can enhance, build or implement custom solutions that help your organization work smarter. Transition from an outdated legacy platform. Improve connectivity between databases and tools. Create a smarter workflow that keeps HIPAA compliance front and center. Take technology out of the picture so that you can focus on what matters — saving lives.

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Astadia’s Experts

Michele Sardelis

Consulting Director

Michele Sardelis

Michele’s more than 30 years in IT has been focused on managing projects and leading teams, always with a drive for business process improvements. Michele’s expertise is in Customer Service, Service Desk, Business Management, Production Management and Quality. At Astadia for more than 25 years, she brings project and people skills together with customer service to ensure the successful delivery of some of our largest help desk and service desk operations.


Cloud Development

Astadia can design, develop, test, secure and deliver cloud platforms using modern and responsive practices. Allow us to free your business from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures so your developers can focus on business solutions instead of the technical setbacks. Our cloud experts can help you wherever you happen to be in your application lifecycle and ease your journey into the cloud.

Testing as as Service (TaaS)

What is TaaS?

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Testing as a Service (TaaS)

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Platform Migration

Need help with a project? Astadia can modernize any mid-large size enterprise and meet the client at any point in the lifecycle. We can migrate mainframe assets to open systems or the cloud. We have done this for hundreds of customers and it’s our specialty! If you want to learn more about our approach, take a look at our Mainframe Modernization Series where we have a variety of Reference Architectures or Performance Benchmarks.

IBM Mainframe
to Azure cloud

IBM Mainframe to Azure cloud
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Unisys Mainframe
to AWS cloud

Unisys Mainframe to AWS cloud
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Unisys Mainframe
to Oracle Cloud

Unisys Mainframe to Oracle Cloud
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Managed Services

Are you looking for additional IT support? Astadia can offer support and protection based off your business needs and requirements. We can make sure you will never be impacted by a disruptive event by securing your environment through our Disaster Recovery solutions. We also can offer you End User Support solutions through your preference of remote or onsite services.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

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IT as a Service (ITaaS)

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Planning Ahead with Disaster Recovery

Planning Ahead with Disaster Recovery
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