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End User Support

In today’s business world, client support is everything. How fast you resolve your customer’s issues so they have less inconvenience can make or break a company in our current reviews-driven world. Rest assure, Astadia can help. Our client support team will thrill your customers, employees, and business partners by delivering a broad range of personalized service capabilities that resolve questions, concerns and issues in fewer steps. We will ensure the integration of business processes into your customer support experience, whether those customers are internal or external to the business.

The following Workplace Service support can be customized to your exact needs including:

  • Voice, email, and chat gateways will provide your end users the support they need in the way that is most convenient for them.
  • Custom dashboards and metrics provide you visibility into the issues and challenges, so you can effectively address them quickly.
  • Shared or dedicated resource model completely customized to your needs and budget
  • Mobile Workplace through mobile application and device management uses enterprise-class cloud services to manage, support and control your mobile environment – from policy management to security controls.
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration Services by providing integrated voice, email and instant messaging for a complete communications and collaboration environment – all run and managed centrally from the data center. It ensures a seamless, high-quality experience for every user.

End user support Business Process

Astadia representatives are the customer service experts with both technical and professional experience. The experts are managed in small teams led by senior analysts that thrive on best in class service delivery and a consistent quality process implementation. They have a wide range of experience including IT Service Desk and Desktop Support, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Sales Force (and other Field Forces) Support, and External Customer Support.

  • US-based, 24/7 support or structured coverage to fit your needs to perfectly balance your budget against the demands of your users.
  • Active Quality Assurance program and reviews that allow you to manage and monitor our performance against the agreed to service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Off-shore, for low touch high volumes services we provide the same level of quality process and management details to your requirements as our on-shore teams.
  • Tiered support levels (Tier 1 – 3) that allow us to hand-off to your teams at any point in the escalation process or gives the full responsibility of resolution to us.
  • On-site services including Desk-side Support, White Glove Support and Executive Priority Support, so your teams are completely free of the routine support issues, allowing them to focus on the business critical projects and priorities.
  • Express Desk, a specialized on-site walk-up service center that provides an unmatched level of speed and convenience.

End user support Safety and Security

Astadia’s certified IT security consultants can assist your organization to plan, implement and validate a security solution that utilizes the enterprise-class security enhancements. Astadia is an ISO 12001 certified vendor, and uphold our engineers and facilities to follow strict security standards and procedures. Every day, we document data security and logging practices to meet PCI, HIPAA regulations. We utilize the best in class Security tools to protect what matters most – your critical data.

Why use Astadia’s end user support?

Astadia can deliver the right level of service for your team, with our tiered services coverage we provide high touch monitoring services for every aspect of your IT and process implementation, from end users access and performance, application, networks, security, and infrastructure.  Our service’s allow you to customize multiple levels of KPI’s and SLA’s  and focus where you need assistance to basic coverage insures your workplace is highly efficient and supported.   Our flexible support allows you to adjust and refine our services to best fit your customers.

End user support Business Deliverables

We have experience in offering a wide range of Workplace services and can deliver the support and performance you need. The following are some of the areas we deliver:

  • Level 1 & 2 support
  • User Account administration
  • Desktop management
  • Executive Management support
  • Printer support
  • Asset management
  • Periodic IT expert visits
  • Mobile Device management
  • Window and Mac support
  • Parts Logistics & Depot management

Choose Astadia for your Hybrid Cloud service

Astadia is a premier technology consultancy focused on maximizing the impact and minimizing the risks of today’s blended enterprise and cloud ecosystem.

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully migrated more than 120 customers. Our skills and experience with managed security, combined with our agility and proven results, make Astadia the best partner to conduct your Windows 10 for Business project.

  • Proven track record by our customers
  • Broad skill set and experience base
  • Full services across the entire system life cycle
  • Fixed price, timeframe and set of deliverables for your business

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