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This capability is focused on automatically transforming Software AG’s Natural product application source code to JAVA. Any of the Natural databases that are used on an IBM mainframe, like ADABAS, IMS, DB2 & VSAM, will be transformed to an SQL database on the target platform. The Natural/ADABAS products are not available on the ClearPath MCP & ClearPath OS 2200 platforms. As part of the migration process, the contents from all databases on the source platform will be unloaded, then reloaded, to the new target SQL platform. This automatic transformation process may be applied to all of the IBM mainframes where Natural/ADABAS is available as a source platform. The JAVA code that is generated from the transformation process can be deployed on any Cloud or On-Premise systems, as target platforms. The only requirement is that the target machine has a current version of a JVM (JAVA Virtual Machine).

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