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Unisys Mainframe Migration

Maintaining Unisys mainframes can drain your budget and limit your company’s growth. At one point, Unisys mainframes were the leading standard in reliability, availability and security. But with the constant ripples of disruptive technology, this is no longer the case. In fact, today’s cloud-based platforms have surpassed it in terms of flexibility, efficiency and innovation.

Unisys mainframe migration is on the rise and the benefits of migrating to newer platforms are significant.

  • Reduced costs and transformation of your cost model
  • Increased agility allowing for more rapid app development and deployment
  • Increased rates of return
  • Improvement of availability to support rapidly changing business needs
  • With the more modern languages of these new platforms, you get access to a larger talent pool of qualified job candidates

The Unisys Mainframe Migration Process

Many of the Unisys mainframe systems are old and outdated—developed long ago by developers who coded systems with outdated languages including Sperry MAPPER, Burroughs LINC or COBOL. Companies that are still trying to maintain their existing legacy platform, face challenges when looking for this aging expertise—especially since many developers proficient in those languages have retired or are near retirement.

Another challenge is that a lot of these mainframes are being used for critical operations within health insurance, financial services or other data-intensive government operations, which poses a severe risk. These organizations would take a devastating hit if they were to lose legacy data, thus interrupting profitable services.

Astadia can help you assess your current application inventory through a deliberate application rationalization process that will help you decide which apps to migrate and in what order.

  • Gather detailed technical data about your environment
  • Develop a project plan, including the scope of the Legacy Modernization and management of security-related issues
  • Assign staff from both companies to manage the project
  • Set processes, deliverables and timelines
  • Deliver a preliminary package to help you prepare for the project
  • Meet with you on a regular basis to discuss the project status
  • Present final project results to you
  • Project concludes and we discuss next steps

Unisys Mainframe Modernization Safety and Security

Our professionals will perform all client work in a safe and secure environment. The work will be performed at your site, and at secure Astadia facilities, as appropriate.

  • Assign Astadia professionals with appropriate security credentials
  • Maintain a safe and secure project environment
  • Secure and protect your Intellectual Property
  • Deliver Unisys Mainframe Modernization project results to you
  • Complete and secure project

Unisys Mainframe Modernization Deliverables

We’ll produce a complete profile of your target Unisys Mainframe Modernization strategy. At the conclusion of an Unisys Mainframe Modernization project, which typically lasts several weeks to several months, you will receive a transformed application and database, and documentation, per the specifications defined in the planning stage of the project.

Choose Astadia for your Unisys Mainframe Modernization Service

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully completed more than 200 mainframe Modernization projects, all of which have required different services. Our skills and experience with Unisys mainframe migration tools, and our proven results with clients in this category, make Astadia the best partner to conduct your Unisys Mainframe Modernization.

The Astadia Legacy Modernization methodology helps our clients resolve application and database issues, while moving Unisys Mainframe Legacy applications to new platforms. In addition, we offer a number of services to help you move through the entire “Legacy to Cloud” experience.

  • Proven track record of more than 100 successful Mainframe Modernization projects
  • Broad skill set and experience base
  • Clear path to the Cloud for your Legacy Portfolio
  • Full services across the entire system life cycle
  • Fixed price, timeframe and set of deliverables for your business

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