Application Portfolio Management

Legacy Modernization Roadmap Service

The creation of a Legacy Modernization Roadmap is extremely important. It is typically the next step after completing an application portfolio management (APM) project and an application and database portfolio assessment. Once all IT assets have been identified and graded, you will have a prioritized list of where the greatest value exists before initiating a Legacy Modernization project.

A Legacy Roadmap will also help guide your activities and investments in current and future IT asset management. The design process will address many questions, including the risk and return for each item on the Roadmap. As always, tradeoffs will become apparent and decisions will be difficult.

  • Identify and prioritize all applications and databases in your portfolio
  • Map all interdependencies between applications and databases
  • Identify the costs and usage patterns of all applications and databases
  • Propose multiple possible scenarios for a sequence of project consideration
  • Finalize your Roadmap in detail, along with a timeline for the next steps


The Legacy Modernization Roadmap Process

Following an APM project, our professionals will identify and catalogue your IT portfolio. Each asset will be ranked and rated by business value and cost to operate. This information, along with the usage data of each application and database, will provide you with great insight into the best opportunities to upgrade each asset. The result will be a clear Roadmap for the future.

  • Work with you to gather detailed technical data about your environment
  • Develop a project plan, including the scope of the Legacy Modernization and management of security-related issues
  • Assign staff from both companies to manage the project
  • Set processes, timelines and deliverables
  • Deliver a preliminary package to help you prepare for the project
  • Meet with you on a regular basis to discuss the project status
  • Present final project results to you
  • Project concludes and we discuss next steps


Legacy Modernization Roadmap Safety and Security

Our professionals will perform all client work in a safe and secure environment. The work will be performed at your site, and at secure Astadia facilities, as appropriate.

  • Assign Astadia professionals with appropriate security credentials
  • Maintain a safe and secure project environment
  • Secure and protect your Intellectual Property
  • Deliver Legacy Roadmap results to you
  • Complete and secure project


Legacy Modernization Roadmap Service Deliverables

We’ll produce reports and analysis over the course of your Roadmap project, which typically lasts several weeks. At the project conclusion, you will receive a full set of reports and data, along with timelines for project activity.

  • Gather and review the results of your APM project
  • Identify each IT asset in the final APM project package
  • Sequence the Leg Mod projects in a Roadmap with a timeline
  • Produce multiple iterations of a draft Roadmap before your final Roadmap is set
  • Begin project plans as the Roadmap moves to an execution phase


Choose Astadia for your Roadmap Service

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully completed more than 100 Legacy Modernization projects, many of which were the result of an APM process and an IT Roadmap. Our skills and experience with Legacy Roadmapping, and our proven results with clients in this category, make Astadia the best partner to conduct your Roadmap service.

The APM process helps our clients decide the sequence of moving Legacy applications to new platforms, while the Roadmap actually spells out a sequence and timeframe for Legacy Migration. In addition, we offer a number of services to help you move through the entire “Legacy to Cloud” experience.

  • Proven track record
  • Broad skill set and experience base
  • Clear path to the Cloud for your Legacy Portfolio
  • Full services across the entire system life cycle
  • Fixed price, timeframe and set of deliverables for your business


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