The security of an organization is dependent upon both good information technology (IT) practices and the attentiveness of its people. The most pervasive attack vector impacting most organizations is phishing and related attacks. To address this area of vulnerability, continuous awareness and training are critical in pursuit of what has become known as the “human firewall.” Astadia’s Human Firewall Security Service facilitates the engagement of your people to produce measurable results.

Human Firewall Security Human Firewall Security

Business Value

Security is all about risk management. By enhancing the quality of protection represented in each Human Firewall you decrease risk across the entire spectrum of your business. By reducing the success of phishing and similar attacks you essentially protect your organizations’:

• Revenue streams
• Brand and reputation
• Financial assets
• Information and Intellectual Property
• Productivity
• Workplace Safety

If these business drivers are not enough, you also improve your organization’s posture relative to compliance and contractual obligations. In an era when almost every organization is part of an ecosystem these are all critical areas to defend.

A key component of this service is the ability to consistently and quantitatively measure the efficacy of these efforts at an organizational and individual level.

Let’s Modernize

You probably have many different layers of technology to protect your computing resources. You likely have a broad set of policies about how resources are to be used and conduct annual security awareness sessions to emphasis the key points. In the past this may have been adequate; but the threats now facing organizations require enhanced and expanded protection at the real endpoint – you user community.

The Astadia Human Firewall Security Service delivers consistent Phishing Behavior Testing (PBT) and regular training tailored to the unique needs and culture of each organization. PBT is proven to dramatically increase users’ sensitivity and attentiveness to potential phishing attacks. This is further bolstered by leveraging a deep training catalog to educate users and create understanding of security measures and their importance.

As you take the proactive step of addressing this critical area we will engage with you to fit our best practices and tools to your user community. Astadia will facilitate and provide support for initial planning, implementation, and execution. We will manage and execute the ongoing service with you, using regular reporting to identify issues and opportunities.


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Case Study

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