In the current digital enterprise, the truth about your legacy system is that it is more expensive, less secure and harder to maintain. Whether you’re ready to redistribute your legacy workload to a lower cost platform, or modernize your legacy applications to meet ever-changing business demands, Astadia can help you start your Legacy Application Modernization journey. Even if it’s integrating core legacy functions with contemporary applications and platforms, or replacing character-based “green screens” with browser-based graphical interfaces, Astadia has the tools and experience to extend the reach and relevance of your legacy applications.

Legacy Application Modernization Legacy Application Modernization

Let’s Modernize

As technology changes, more and more businesses are forced to grapple with the need to modernize their legacy applications. There are many approaches to Legacy Application Modernization, including to reuse, rewrite or replace. The goal of reusing the existing application is to gain more value from proven business logic and extend its useful life, while significantly reducing unnecessary operating costs and decreasing risk. All while lowering the risk of inadvertently changing business rules and the higher complexity of code conversion and re-write.

Since there are several modernization approaches, choosing one can be a difficult task. But it’s no surprise that the preference today is migrating to the cloud, as opposed to modernizing with an on-premise, in-house solution. The many benefits of the cloud include faster deployment, lower IT overhead by offloading hardware support requirements, virtually unlimited application scalability, responsiveness for today’s mobile users, and higher utilization and resource efficiency via shared services.

Legacy Application Modernization comes in many layers, you may choose to rehost your application on a cheaper, more accessible cloud solution. You can focus (before or after the rehost) on modernizing your User Interface adding GUI-based Windows screen flow or going all Web based applications. You can focus on your database, choosing modern relational solutions to replace your existing legacy data layer. You could also focus on improving the quality, ease and complexity of your external and internal interfaces. Finally, you can introduce DevOps or DevSecOps into your processes to streamline the development to production pipeline. Astadia can help you with all these options.

We Can Navigate Your Legacy Application Modernization

Astadia offers reduced cost and risk by modernizing your legacy platforms and optimizing application development and operating models through more modern, digital-aged technologies. With application migration to a new platform, Astadia will have your IT applications running on the latest technology catering to future business demands. Our goal is to integrate your proven, business-critical logic with contemporary applications running on any on–premises or cloud platform to extend the life and investment of your portfolio.


Astadia has successfully migrated nearly 200 mainframes to open systems or the cloud.
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Legacy Modernization



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The Astadia Difference

Astadia’s experts have an average of over 24 years of experience. More importantly, our people understand technology is only part of the story. We know how critical it is to understand business issues and objectives. We know processes and culture have significant impacts on the success of the work we do with clients. Our clients know we value context.

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