Proven Methodology and Expert Knowledge

  • Implement full DevOps or DevSecOps processes to control all aspects of highly secured target environments running any application
  • Use our valued-added intellectual property which enables the expansion of DevOps throughout the enterprise
  • Rely on our expert knowledge and talent to get any organization working in DevOps

Powerful Automation

  • Take advantage of our automation to reduce manual deployment times
  • Accelerate delivery with our automated testing by “testing at the speed of change”
  • Standup software-defined development and test environments on-demand as needed using Astadia DEE and TEE technology
  • Use our testing tools and processes to provide standard, repeatable functional and load testing capabilities for mainframe migrations

Faster Releases

  • Go from lengthy waterfall processes to on-demand releases while incorporating required change management
  • Increase project responsiveness to handle changing needs and requirements with greater agility

Astadia DevOps Model

Apply our powerful and effective Astadia DevOps model:

  • Infrastructure On-Demand (systems, applications, and environments)
  • Planning services
  • Agile Project and Backlog Management
  • Source Code and Artifact Management (for software, configuration, and infrastructure)
  • Training and documentation services
  • Full line of Automation Services


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