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Designing the roadmap to your future.

As the demands on your business systems and IT staff continue to evolve, you need a synchronized plan for designing and managing your mainframe transformation journey. Astadia offers a number of proven approaches to assist you, each of which can be customized to your needs:

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Through a series of interviews, executive meetings, and discovery workshops, we will build a comprehensive document that serves as the strategic beacon going forward.

Clearly define the internal and external business pressures driving the changes. Understand stakeholder priorities and concerns, then align on desired outcomes and specific success criteria. Fully document restrictions and requirements that may impact execution, and ensure proper governance is put in place.

Three-Phased Approach

Our approach to strategy and current state assessment has been refined through hundreds of engagements.

Clear Service Deliverables

At the conclusion of the project, you will receive a full set of reports and data, along with timelines for project activity.

Safety & Security

Our professionals provide peace of mind by performing all work either on-site or in a safe and secure Astadia facility.

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