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IMS/DB and IMS/TM Migration

IMS/DB and IMS/TM Migration
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The Astadia IMS migration solution takes any application developed with IMS/DB and IMS/DC and automatically converts it to a functionally identical one, now ready to run within an alternative technical environment on the same platform, or on a different platform altogether.

Mainframe modernization projects
Years of modernization experience
Lines of legacy code modernized

The benefits of Refactoring

Refactoring applications has many benefits. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider it as part of an overall mainframe modernization project.

Native Technologies / No Emulation

Once an application is Refactored and hosted on the chosen target platform it will run natively. Refactored applications do not need emulators to function.

Native code

After a refactoring project is completed your application runs in a modern language like Java or C#

Larger talent pool

Because your refactored applications run in a modern language you can hire from a broader talentpool.

Better performance

A ReFactored should perform as well, or better than, the original application

Cost savings

On average we see a 60-70% reduction in cost of maintaining a refactored application.

Better analytics

Unlock all the possibilities that the cloud has to offer like predictive analytics and power BI

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Benefits of ReFactoring

Quicker migration time better application performance

Convert your application code to a modern language

Unlock all the benefits that of a modern cloud native application

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