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High Grade Low Cost Disaster Recovery Strategies

Are you responsible for making sure your company’s operational systems are always available? Are you concerned that your recovery plan might not work as expected when disaster actually strikes?

Join our upcoming webinar, featuring Astadia Senior Cloud Architect, Alan Alvarez, and CloudEndure VP of Business Development, Gonen Stein, to learn proven strategies for managing disaster recovery in today’s ever-changing IT ecosystem.

In the webinar replay, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop an effective disaster recovery/business continuity plan
  • Protect all your physical, virtual, hybrid, and cloud-based workloads with one solution
  • Reduce disaster recovery expenses by leveraging the cloud and eliminating duplicate infrastructures
  • Conduct disaster recovery drills without system disruption

You’ll walk away from this webinar with the knowledge needed to implement a cost-effective, enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution for applications running on any source infrastructure (e.g. physical, virtual and cloud) into any public cloud target (e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform).

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