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Moving COBOL Workload to Microsoft Azure

Craig Marble
VP of Legacy Modernization

Many forward-thinking organizations have already moved their COBOL applications to Windows or the .NET platform taking advantage of a lower cost of ownership and a modern architecture. Now, these same IT shops are developing strategies to exploit the benefits of Azure.  Are you wondering if your reliable COBOL assets are cloud-ready?  

Click on the webinar replay, featuring Astadia Senior Legacy Modernization Director, Craig Marble, and Micro Focus experts, Ed Airey and Michael Bleistein. This recording will describe the step-by-step process for moving your distributed COBOL to the Microsoft Azure cloud, including a live demonstration of modern tools and practices used to deploy COBOL application workloads to Azure..

In the webinar replay, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should move COBOL applications to Azure
  • The step-by-step process to deploy COBOL applications to Azure
  • The benefits gained from moving COBOL applications to Azure
  • Best practices for moving COBOL workloads to the cloud
  • An opportunity to pose your questions to our technical expert panel

By attending this webinar, you’ll see how COBOL applications can easily run in the cloud and you’ll receive a simple checklist of what it takes to move your COBOL workload to Azure.

Watch Webinar Replay

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