Shifting IBM Mainframe to Microsoft Azure

Recorded on:
February 23, 2018

The cloud is quickly becoming the strategic computing platform of choice, and Azure is leading the pack in providing cloud computing services to IT organizations around the globe.  But what does this mean for companies whose critical systems still run on IBM mainframes?  Even if you’ve already moved your mainframe workload to a distributed platform, can you take it to the next level and exploit the power of cloud computing?

Until recently, the scalability, reliability and security of cloud environments were regarded as insufficient to accommodate the requirements of large, enterprise-scale mainframe workloads.  But cloud computing providers like Azure have proven their computing platforms are ready for the global enterprise.  So, how you re-distribute your IBM mainframe workload to Azure, and what would a mainframe-to-Azure deployment look like?  Join us to find out and see a live demonstration.

In the webinar recording, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of why you should consider shifting your IBM mainframe workload to Azure
  • Discover the steps it takes to move your IBM mainframe applications to Azure
  • See a live demonstration of an IBM mainframe application running in Azure
  • Pose your questions to industry experts from Astadia and Micro Focus
  • Find out where to get more information

You’ll walk away from this webinar on-demand with the awareness that the IBM mainframe applications perform well in Azure, and a basic checklist of what it will take to re-distribute your IBM workload to the Cloud.

Craig Marble

VP of Legacy Modernization
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