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You Moved to the Cloud, but did your Printer

Recorded on:
March 31, 2018

One of the top, critical IT functions overlooked in a cloud migration or cloud adoption project is printing.  We take printing in the office for granted, but what happens when the applications and servers are relocated to the cloud, off of the corporate network?

There are complicated approaches you could implement.  Or, you could just Print Simply Anywhere.

Click on the webinar replay featuring; You moved to the Cloud, but did your Printer? We will walk through all print workflow scenarios and provide solution recommendations as well as the top three Cloud Printing deployment options.

Imagine how easy it would be if you could simplify and modernize print as an integral native experience? If you didn’t have to worry about the rigorous process of connecting your device to the printer and you could just connect users, environments and people for a simple experience. That is the goal; simplified IT.

In this webinar, experts from Astadia and PrinterOn will help you understand how cloud printing:

  • Increases mobile work efficiency
  • Increases all printing security
  • Decreases print waste
  • Decreases IT management complexity
  • Requires no changes to IT infrastructure

Join Astadia expert, Steve Lack, and PrinterOn expert Tom Barber, to learn what you need to know about Cloud Printing.

Steve Lack

VP of Sales
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