Digital Transformation for Government Agencies

Whether your organization is a department or agency with the federal, state, or local government, there is a high probability that your critical operations are supported by a legacy mainframe system.

What You Might Be Facing

  • Mainframe monthly licensing charges can eat up 30 percent of your IT mainframe operating budget
  • Depending on your modernization approach, your organization can reduce IT costs by up to 90 percent
  • Organizations have lost 23 percent of their mainframe workforce

What You Can Do

At Astadia, we are not recommending that you throw out your mainframe system in total but look to develop a hybrid environment that can modernize your current architecture, modernize mainframe applications, and migrate your data and applications to a more cost-effective platform to support modern applications and your digital transformation.

Regardless of your approach, this white paper describes six main reasons why your organization needs to modernize mainframe applications.

Download an instant copy of the white paper and get in touch with an Astadia expert to learn what's the best modernization approach for your organization.

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