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"Astadia’s total lifecycle approach is a great complement to the Windows as a Service capabilities built into Windows 10 Enterprise. We are thrilled with Astadia’s offerings and organizations would do well to connect with Astadia as part of their process.”
— Pang Ngernsupaluck,
Windows Partner Lead, Microsoft


Windows 10 Enterprise Solutions

Windows 10 Enterprise & Windows as a Service

Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows as a Service represent a paradigm shift in how organizations manage and maintain end-point devices and their users.  Windows 7 is reaching its end of life support in 2020 and the momentum of Windows 10 adoption within businesses and organizations around the world is rapidly increasing.

In addition, with over 400 million devices now running versions of Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Education, Enterprise), the odds are high that your employees are already using the operating system on their personal devices.

Windows 10 is highly backward compatible and in-place upgrades are relatively straightforward, so it may be tempting for IT organizations to use a legacy approach and “just” upgrade existing machines, rebuild existing images and keep the same burdensome provisioning, onboarding and management policies in place.

However, Astadia recommends that the business and technology leaders of an organization invest time to learn about the new operational capabilities of Windows 10 that contributes to a more secure, productive enterprise.  We also encourage the exploration of Windows as a Service, a new paradigm for delivering and maintaining the end-point devices in a seamless manner that increases security and ensures the latest proven features and functionality are available to users.

Ready to get serious?  From exploratory workshops, to proof of concepts, pilots and deployment, learn more about Astadia’s Windows 10 Deployment Services:

Windows 10 Deployment Services – Planning, Design and Implementation

We also recommend this Windows as a Service Overview from Microsoft.


Astadia Assured Workplace for Windows 10

The new features of Windows 10 Enterprise will greatly ease the burden of device and related end user management on the organization through Windows as a Service.  Yet, is Windows 10-based end-user support and device management your business’ core competency? It is ours.

The more stable platform you can provide your employees, the less downtime and lost productivity your company will have to absorb.  Plus, ensuring they have multi-faceted support options at the times and days when they need it will ensure any question, issue or glitch is quickly resolved, leading to more completed projects, more successes and more revenue.

Of course, a well-designed and fully implemented Windows as a Service setup will ensure the more up to date security patches are seamlessly applied, protecting your users and your organization from the latest attacks.

Learn more about how Astadia can partner with you to provide a stable end-user computing environment with the combination of meaningful support and Windows as a Service managed services that assures a happy, secure and productive work force.

Astadia Assured Workplace – Managed Services for Windows 10 Enterprise


Windows 10 for business

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