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Astadia Assured Workplace

Astadia Assured Workplace is a three-tiered offering of Windows 10 management and end-user support options.  Astadia’s 100% US-based approach provides the expertise needed to assure organizations and their employees of consistent, reliable support.

Our services for Astadia Assured Workplace are priced and billed at a per user, per month basis so you can keep you costs in line with your organizational changes.  Astadia is an approved “direct” Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) which enables us to optionally bundle your Windows 10 Enterprise licensing with your support offerings.  (Office 365, Dynamics and other Microsoft cloud subscriptions also available.)

Here are the three tiers of Astadia Assured Workplace:


Basic Tier

Windows 10 Managed Update Services

  • Configuration Management services tracking the readiness of your infrastructure for Microsoft’s semi-annual updates
  • Compatibility testing and remediation for your applications
  • Pilot testing
  • Reviews of hardware revisions against update requirements
  • Scheduled roll-outs of upgrades via Microsoft’s deployment schedule


5×10 End User Support

  • Initial training on Windows 10 with ongoing support available through our Self-Help portal
  • Issues tracking through our ticketing system
  • Level One tech and user support through phone and email, including OS versioning and installation validation


Prime Tier

All services included in Basic, with the follow changes and additions…

  • 24 x 5 End User Support
  • Customized Self Help tools
  • Executive desktop support for up to 10 named users
  • OEM support for critical issues, up to 10 hours per month


Premier Tier

All services included in Prime, with the following changes and additions…

  • 24 x 7 End User Support
  • Security services support (including ATP, available with E5 licensing)
    • Monitoring of your Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) status
    • Management of your anti-virus and spyware protection services
    • Managed patching
    • Identity and access management
    • Fast response times via ATP
    • Forensic analysis via detailed ATP reporting and analysis


Optional services available with all packages include:

  • Deployment and upgrade of your end user environment to Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Enterprise licensing bundled with Astadia Assured Workplace for a single per user, per month simple price and simple billing
  • Additional OEM support hours
  • Additional Executive Desktop support seats


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