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Don't let legacy technology get in the way of the future

Astadia is a premier digital transformation consultancy with three core services: Mainframe Modernization, DevOps and Managed Services. We handle millions of lines of code every year for forward-thinking organizations around the world.

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The Astadia Mainframe Modernization Path

Year after year, Astadia leverages its 27+ years of experience to transform millions of lines of code for our clients.  We have a unique approach to identify your organization’s mainframe migration and modernization needs and then to identify, define and deliver a modernization journey to your optimal target platform:

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In the end, we will have ensured that your mainframe no longer gets in the way of your progress.

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"The modernization enables us to not only improve our current processes and performance, but will be used in the future for emergency services."
Kevin Burns, Information Systems Manager

After moving off the mainframe,

The City of Miami was able to save over $900,000 per year.

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