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Astadia can help you realize the benefits of the agile enterprise. Agile enterprises are fast moving, flexible and robust enabling them to respond rapidly to unexpected challenges, events, and opportunities. These enterprises leverage technologies, policies and processes that facilitate speed and change aligned to achieve continuous competitive advantage in serving its customers. Astadia partners with clients to position them for business agility.

Cloud Application Development

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From development to DevOps … Astadia can develop, build, test and secure your software capability for your business.

Software Development as a Service
Testing as a Service

Legacy Migration

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Modernize your business infrastructure, applications and databases to unlock information, accelerate development and enable innovation.

Mainframe Modernization
Legacy Data Migration
Legacy Application Modernization

Managed IT Services

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Infrastructure and end user support provides 24/7 services that are flexible to your needs and can provide remote or on premise support. (regardless of where your technology resides)

IT as a Service
Disaster Recovery Services
IT Help Desk Services

Your Journey to the Cloud Starts Here

Are you applications slowing you down? Free your systems to get the most out of your IT investments. Astadia works with clients to modernize your IT investments to accelerate time to value, increase productivity, decrease risk, and optimize costs. We accomplish this through Cloud Application Development, Legacy Migration and Managed IT Services. We have the flexibility to meet you anywhere in your lifecycle journey to drive business value and partner as an extension of your organization.

Platform Migration

Let’s Modernize

Our experts have been designing, building and implementing IT solutions for every single one of our clients. An average Astadia consultant has over 25 years’ experience. Our FastTrack methodology is a combination of Agile and DevOps cloud approaches that allow us to deliver high impact solutions in dramatically shortened timeframes, and with less risk. Our AppHub is a repository of Astadia and 3rd party software tools and templates that allow us to bring custom solutions to market faster and at a lower cost.


Cloud Application Development

Astadia can design, develop, test, secure and deliver cloud platforms using modern and responsive practices. Allow us to free your business from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures so your developers can focus on business solutions instead of the technical setbacks. Our cloud experts can help you wherever you happen to be in your application lifecycle and ease your journey into the cloud.

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DevOps 2.0

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Our experts average over 24 years of real-world business and technology experience to help drive results. Talk to an expert today.   Free Consult

Legacy Migration

Need help with a project? Astadia can modernize any mid-large size enterprise and meet the client at any point in the lifecycle. We can migrate mainframe assets to open systems or the cloud. We have done this for hundreds of customers and it’s our specialty! If you want to learn more about our approach, take a look at our Mainframe Modernization Series where we have a variety of Reference Architectures or Performance Benchmarks.

IBM Mainframe
to Azure cloud

IBM Mainframe to Azure cloud
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Unisys Mainframe
to AWS cloud

Unisys Mainframe to AWS cloud
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Unisys Mainframe
to Oracle Cloud

Unisys Mainframe to Oracle Cloud
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Did you know that Astadia has successfully migrated nearly 200 mainframes to open systems or the cloud?   Learn More

Managed IT Services

Are you looking for additional IT support? Astadia can offer support and protection based on your business needs and requirements. We can make sure you will never be impacted by a disruptive event by securing your environment through our Disaster Recovery solutions. We also can offer you End User Support solutions through your preference of remote or onsite services.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

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IT as a Service (ITaaS)

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