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We work with Microsoft to liberate legacy applications and data at the core of your business

and transform your entire IT infrastructure into a powerful system that foster growth and innovation

in the Azure cloud. Our proven methodology, unique tools, extensive know-how and technology coverage

combined with the Azure cutting-edge technology have already helped industry leading

organizations to increase ROI, unlock vertical scalability and agility. Learn more ->

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The Astadia Solution

Get a glimpse into Astadia's delivery model for mainframe to Azure migrations.

Image showing AWS Reference Architecture
Azure Reference Architecture

Ensure success with a reliable and scalable mainframe migration strategy.

Functional Equivalence

Astadia’s Azure migration solution guarantees that the migrated application is functionally equivalent to the original application.

Automated Migration and Testing

100% automated code and data conversion, automated testing tools for both batch and online workloads, and fully integrated automated workflow. 

Business Continuity

Astadia’s unique IP and migration solution keep the code and data freeze period to a strict minimum.

Lower costs. Shorter projects

Use Astadia’s automated testing solution to reduce risk, cost, and timeframes in your Azure migration project.

Main Benefits of Migrating to Azure

By releasing your business from its mainframe dependence, you can help it to become more competitive, more innovative and more cost-efficient. Visit azure.microsoft.com to learn more.

Easy to Use

Azure is designed with simplicity in mind. You can request new services and host your applications using the simple to use web-based Microsoft Azure Portal.


You can select from a wide variety of virtual environments where you choose the software and services your application requires.


Azure services are billed using a consumption model; you only pay for the compute and storage resources you use with no upfront commitments and contracts.


Take advantage of Azure’s worldwide computing infrastructure that is built to guarantee high availability that exceeds what you’ve come to expect from mainframes.


Azure includes tools such as auto-scaling and load balancing that allow your applications to scale up or down, if you design/architect this into your solution.

High Performance

Azure offers a wide selection of compute and storage options to replicate or exceed the performance needs of your formerly mainframe-based applications.

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