Future Proof Your Legacy Applications

The Astadia FastTrack Platform is a collection of tools, processes and technologies to accelerate and standardize a successful mainframe migration project. It allows partners and clients to benefit from the extensive experience and industry leading software products that Astadia offers worldwide.

The development of these products started well over 20 years ago, and today includes coverage for legacy technologies such as COBOL, Assembler, IDMS, and Natural ADABAS that can be migrated to, among others, Java or C# in combination with all the leading SQL-databases. The resulting applications are ready for deployment in the target platform of choice.

Image showing Astadias Migration Processes

Save Time and Money

We can offer the shortest duration project possible -- ROI kicks in fast.

Minimize Risk

Liberate data from legacy databases with minimal financial, business or personnel risk.

Drive Performance

Greatly accelerated time to market, often reducing a typical project duration by up to 90%.

Use the FastTrack Platform for Your Transformation Projects

We make the technology available to partners and clients to support their migration operations and to help them benefit from the best automation solutions on the market, independent of the migration solution they choose or the partners they work with. 

All FastTrack tools can be licensed separately to support various stages of a digital transformation project, from automated code transformation and data conversion to testing and DevOps implementation.

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The Industrialization of Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

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FastTrack Your Mainframe to Cloud Journey

The mainframe platform is integral to running business transactions for the largest enterprises in the world. But it was not built for rapidly adapting to increasingly customer-centric business requirements.

With FastTrack, you can modernize mission-critical applications and move mainframe workloads to cloud at scale, faster, and safely.

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