CA IDMS/DB & CA ADS Migrations

CA IDMS from Broadcom provided many large organizations with a powerful, stable and rapid development environment in which to build their mission critical applications. Decades later, many of those applications are still mission critical today, with literally thousands of man years of development invested in each of them. As 4GL runtime license costs increase and CA IDMS related development skills decline, the Total Cost of Ownership for these systems has escalated beyond practicality.

Organizations that are dependent upon systems such as these run the risk of becoming technologically trapped, unless an automated approach is taken to migrate them to modern, mainstream technology. Astadia's automated CA IDMS migrations shorten re-development and testing cycles, reduce costs and minimize risk. We have a perfect track record in delivering successful CA IDMS application migrations.

Solution Highlights

The Astadia CA IDMS migration solution takes any application developed with CA IDMS technology and automatically converts it to a functionally identical application, ready to run within an alternative technical environment on the same platform, or on a different platform altogether. The migrated application is completely free of dependencies on CA IDMS technology and, instead, relies upon industry standard technologies.

Native Technologies / No Emulation

We strongly believe in the importance of providing organizations with solutions to match their applications and infrastructure modernization needs and objectives. Application migration is the first critical step towards achieving this goal and we consequently ensure that migrated applications always utilize technologies that are widely recognized and accepted as native, on the chosen target platform.

This represents a distinct advantage, compared with CA IDMS conversion solutions that merely emulate the source platform technologies on a new platform. Wherever our promise of functional equivalence may dictate the introduction of a component that could be considered as proprietary, we also provide a clearly defined modernization path, to facilitate the elimination of that component altogether.

Wide Choice of Target Technologies

Astadia's CA IDMS migrations offer a wide choice when it comes to mapping source system technologies to the alternatives. We are always looking to implement new options, whether by client request or as part of our ongoing monitoring of popular demand and general trends and developments within the software industry. Astadia also offers Adabas-Natural, COBOL, IBM and BS2000 migration products that provide solutions for the platform specifics, such as printing, security, scheduling & job control, and data files.

Image showing all transformation options

Automated Testing

Testing is a major and critical element of any migration project. Our TestMatch product offers  unique features and benefits:

  • Avoids the need to manually create test scenarios
  • Provides automated recording, replay, and difference analysis
  • Limits end-user involvement to acceptance testing
  • Can also be used to great effect beyond the migration project
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