Never let legacy technology get in the way of innovation.

Legacy modernization is not just about running mainframe applications on a cheaper platform; it’s about creating a bridge to the future. Replatforming is the fastest and most cost-effective path to get you there.

Liberate Your Legacy Applications

>> Industry-Leading Assessment

To build a detailed design of your target architecture, we start our engagement with a discovery stage that analyses your application code and products, allowing us to build the detailed plan that is essential to ensure a successful project.

>> Not Ready for the Cloud?

Our expert teams will work tirelessly to move your legacy workloads from your mainframe environment to a cloud-ready solution that optimally leverages the modernized work and deployment environments of Linux, Unix or Windows.

>> Beyond Saving Money

World class public cloud environments provide a low-cost and robust infrastructure platform, with typical savings of 60-80%. But they go beyond mere cost savings, as they help you to gain the business agility you need.

Ready to go All-In?

Liberate Your Legacy Applications

Convert existent data and transform your entire codebase to enjoy all the benefits of a modern and powerful business platform.

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Move to the Cloud

Improve efficiency, gain scalability and control, and drive down costs, by moving applications to the cloud.

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The Benefits of Replatforming

Give your core-business systems the architecture they need to enable enhanced collaboration and integration, and power business growth.

Cost Savings

Replatforming has been proven to dramatically reduce infrastructure and operational costs. The reduction when moving from a mainframe to a Cloud Platform can be > 50%.

Reduced Risk

It’s not necessary to Rewrite any application code. The mainframe application will move over with very little change, and operate exactly as it did on the mainframe.

Larger Talent Pool

By moving to a Cloud Platform, there is an ever-increasing pool of software engineers, unlike the shrinking pool of mainframe software people.

Better Performance

Once an application is cleaned of all proprietary elements, it will likely benefit by moving to the Cloud, and perform better than it did on the mainframe.

Flexible Integration

By replatforming to a more agile solution that follows a best-of-breed approach, organizations can overcome traditional platform limitations and integrate freely with no proprietary lock-in.

Better Analytics

Leverage Cloud-based facilities, like Predictive Analytics and other Cloud-resident software. Adapt faster to the market's trends and scale based on business demand.

See How Other Organizations Have Transformed

The United States Air Force replatformed their mainframe system to the cloud, preserving existing investments in the system while modernizing and preparing the way for digital transformation.

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Case Study - USAF saves 82.7% after modernizing IT systems

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