Why Join Astadia?

People-Centric Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

Technology Artistry

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Who we are

Astadia US and Astadia Europe (formerly Anubex) are now a combined powerhouse, creating innovative tools, methods, and solutions for mainframe modernization and technology support services. Astadia has had 300+ mainframe modernization projects, 30+ years of modernization experience and 1B lines of legacy code modernized.

What we do

With our automated conversion and testing tools, we provide cross-platform migrations of mission-critical software applications to the cloud, distributed systems, or mainframes—as well as provide technology support for a wide range of clients.

Who we hire

Astadia has a clear and demonstrable culture of inclusion that respects, maximizes and celebrates individual differences that promotes a culture of diversity in a concerted effort to build an environment where everyone can achieve business and personal success.

“I truly enjoy working with the people of Astadia in all practices and departments and our newest members from Astadia Europe are no exception!”

– Jerry Hooks, CIO & VP of Operations. Started in 2017.

“Senior management takes the time to listen to employees on both a personal and professional level. I feel embraced and welcomed at all times.”

–Kelley Wong, Director of Finance. Started in 2019.

“At Astadia we have an individual commitment to a group effort, which makes the team work to achieve the company’s goals.”

– Manuel Moreno, Sr. Developer. Started in 1998.

“In my thirty plus years at Astadia, the work has always been challenging and rewarding, but it is the amazing people that I work with every day that makes it truly special.”

– Michele Sardelis, VP Managed Services. Started in 1990.

“At Astadia what I like most is the people, it feels like family.”

– Miguel Mendoza, COBOL Resource and Delivery Manager. Started in 1998.

“At Astadia good leaders don’t just strive to guide their teams, we strive to inspire others to become leaders themselves.”

– Adney Marshall, Sr. Team Lead. Started in 2017.

“Great companies have great people and at Astadia, we have great people, all working together as a team.”

– Deb Marvin, Project Financial Analyst. Started in2003.