COBOL Migrations

Many of today’s applications that were developed in COBOL are still mission-critical and continue to deliver significant benefits. Nevertheless, the organizations that rely upon them are often faced with increased licensing and maintenance costs, skill shortage, or simply end of support for the technology that served them well for many decades.

Astadia's COBOL transformation solutions provide the opportunity to liberate these valuable and reliable business systems from their dependency on compiler technology and convert them to Object-Oriented languages such as C# or Java, or to another COBOL compiler technology, which also often makes good business sense.

Choose the migration solution best suited to your platform's capabilities, complexity of data structures, and urgency to transform.  

Download the COBOL Transformation Options White Paper.

CodeTurn Transformation

Transform all code allowing your team to start working natively in Java/C# or use another COBOL compiler.

> CodeTurn COBOL to C#

> CodeTurn COBOL to Java

> CodeTurn for COBOL to COBOL

CobolBridge Transformation

Combine maintaining COBOL code with executing Java/C#, allowing your developers to make the transition to Java/C# gradually over time, for example team by team.

> CobolBridge transformation options

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