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There is no “one size fits all” for your infrastructure, and not every company is at the same stage of their IT journey. Astadia’s Managed Services are ideal for companies looking to ease their burden of day-to-day IT management and focus on more strategic objectives.

Reduce the Burden of IT Management
  • By entrusting partners with IT management organizations don’t just want to eliminate the burden of managing IT. They want it done well so the promise of what IT can deliver can be met.
Custom, Tailored Approach
  • Our flexible approach allows for solutions tailored to your organizations specific needs. We do not think in terms of just replicating services you already have. We carefully consider the current and projected needs of our customers to develop a best fit solution.
Realize Your Infrastructures’ True Potential
  • Whether you’re a long-term Astadia customer or are just getting to know us, we’re here for you. From legacy modernization to managed services, our team is fully prepared to help every step of the way.

Our Services

We’re more than network or database administrators. From legacy infrastructures to the cloud and beyond, just some of our Managed Services include:

Application Performance Management

Applications fuel the business - so it’s critical they’re always running at peak performance. The Astadia team is there to strategically manage and monitor performance of key business applications to drive a trouble-free user experience.

Capacity and Change Management

Businesses demand their technology infrastructure not only meets current – but also future - demands. Leveraging proven and validated frameworks, Astadia’s Capacity Management Services are based on holistic understanding of all computing resources – ensuring the infrastructure can deliver and grow alongside the business.

Cloud Managed Services

With Astadia, it’s your choice. Decide IT functions to manage in-house, and which to leave to our team. We offer decades of experience managing diverse computing, storage, networks and operating systems – alongside the applications and tools running on them.

Human Firewall Security Services

Even the best security solutions can fail. Technology only takes you so far. Astadia has built a tested and proven approach to Human Firewall Security – helping engineer security best-practices for organizations to report and prevent breaches or suspicious activity.

Managed Service Desk

From Mobile Device Management and On-Site Technical Support to Patching/Updates and Reporting/Analysis – the Astadia team keeps your infrastructure running, with answers to the most challenging questions.

The Astadia Difference

An industry visionary and leader in migrating mainframe workloads to the latest computing platforms, Astadia understands every business is different. Our Managed Services are squarely focused on unlocking the full potential of your current and future infrastructure - across cloud or hybrid environments.

25+ years of Experience

When you pick Astadia you pick the A squad. The Astadia team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all of our engagements.

Global Footprint

We can handle any size organization regardless of location. Have remote employees? No problem! We adapt to best fit your organization.

Scalable Solutions

Off-load as little or as much of your IT burden on to our team as you would like. Our team grows as your needs grow.

We Learn Your Business

We build a real understanding of what you do and give strategic advice rooted in our 25+ years of experience on how to achieve your business goals.

A Partner, Not Another Vendor

We partner with customers to help them maximize the value of IT investments in a manner to produce the best outcomes and economics for their organization.

Platform Agnostic

We can manage resources on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model. We add value regardless of where you are in your Digital Transformation journey.

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