Enterprise DevOps is Critical for Your Business

DevOps reduces application backlogs and accelerates software delivery by implementing smaller and shorter development and release cycles. We marry DevOps with Mainframe Modernization.

>> Bridge Silos

Bridge the silos within your organization to allow developers to spend less time maintaining the infrastructure and more time enhancing your business’ software.

>> DevOps Pipelines

Use our advanced, purpose-built DevOps pipelines and managed engineering images to improve software delivery outcomes without burdening development teams.

>> Scale, Don't Fail

Use managed engineering images to allow software deliveries to function as expected as our functionally independent pipelines integrate through common development repositories.

United States Air Force

Learn how the U.S Air Force reached a 92% improvement of the team’s capacity to respond to the organization’s changing needs and requirements by implementing a full DevSecOps process.

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Unlock the Full Benefits of DevOps

We work with you to implement full DevOps or DevSecOps processes, achieving greater agility and efficiency while controlling all aspects of highly secured target environments.

Transform with DevOps

Adopting DevOps is a transformational journey, and most organizations will find it difficult to make this transition alone.

  • CI/CD pipeline implementation
  • Cloud and hybrid deployments
  • On-demand managed environments
  • Quick and scalable provisioning

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Deliver with Quality Assurance

Virtual Events are the foundation for next-generation customer data infrastructure:

  • Test planning
  • Requirements traceability
  • Functional and non-functional testing
  • Defect tracking
  • Test automation
  • Performance testing
  • Test reporting

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Prepare for the Future

‍Our cloud adoption framework takes your datacenter and transforms to tomorrow’s cloud services.

  • Cloud readiness
  • Cloud adoption

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