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Astadia’s automated refactoring solution provides the fastest and most effective way to transform legacy applications into modern functionally equivalent systems. It drives tremendous cost savings, improved security, solves the skills issues, and offers full flexibility and native support for any future enhancements on any compute infrastructure, be it on-premise or in the cloud.

What You Might Be Facing

>> Evaporating Skills

Rapidly diminishing pool of skilled mainframe software engineers.

>> Huge Costs

Ever-increasing costs of mainframe software licensing and maintenance.

>> No Cloud Benefits

Limited or no access to cloud advantages: integrations, flexibility, vertical scalability.

>> Technical Debt

Lack of technology consistency, agility and resilience; long service delivery time.

Why Refactor Legacy Applications?

Organizations worldwide are under pressure to become more agile, competitive, efficient, and responsive to the fast-changing business environment. Refactoring business applications enables you to accelerate digital transformation without compromise.

Astadia's Automated Refactoring Solution

The Astadia Refactoring solution will automatically transform IBM and Unisys mainframe applications to modern object oriented programming languages and to leading relational databases. Avoid vendor lock, rising software costs and skyrocketing licensing fees.

New Platform Software Utilities

All of the traditional support utilities, such as job scheduling, print and sort, reporting and database administration will need to be properly aligned in a new environment. Astadia partners with you through every step of the migration to assist in determining the utilities needed for your new environment.

Object-Oriented Programming Languages

Transform legacy programming languages to maintainable Java or C# without the cost and risk of expensive software rewrites. Liberate your mainframe applications to a cloud native style of computing and unlock all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

Automated Application Modernization

3 Types of Equivalence

Our refactoring approach is like-for-like or iso-functional: we can guarantee that:

  • The migrated application will be functionally equivalent to the original
  • The performance of the migrated application will be the same or superior
  • The maintenance effort will be equivalent or reduced after the migration

Automation and Inherent Modernization

Our automation tools allow up to +99.99% automated legacy data code conversion. Moreover, it makes modernization possible during the migration process.

No Code Freeze / Business Continuity

Our unique IP keeps the code and data freeze period to a strict minimum, ensuring business continuity.

Customization and Continuous Improvement

Our data conversion technology evolves continuously. The tools are customized for each organization’s specific environment, before and during the modernization process, which allows organizations to benefit immediately from new developments.

Native Technologies and Cloud

Solve the skills issue, enjoy continuous new functionality, full flexibility, and native support for desired modern enhancements by converting legacy data and migrating to the cloud.


Mainframe modernization


Years of modernization


Lines of legacy
code modernized


Automation of the
migration process

The Benefits of Refactoring

Refactoring applications solves all IT critical issues: solves the skills issue, allows for continuous modernization, and offers full flexibility and native support for desired modern enhancements, in the cloud if desired.

Cost Savings

On average our customers achieve 60-80% savings with refactoring compared to the cost of maintaining legacy application code.

Reduced Risk

Rewriting applications from scratch is risky and expensive. Refactoring is a predictable, proven process that doesn’t interfere with application logic.

Larger Talent Pool

Refactored applications are coded in modern programming languages using object oriented principles, giving you access to a much broader talent pool.

Better Performance

Refactored applications typically perform at least as well, and usually better than the original application.

No Emulation Required

Refactored applications run natively on the chosen target platform, without requiring an emulator to function properly.

Better Analytics

Unlock all the possibilities that the cloud has to offer, including big data analytics, integration, & data enrichment.

Our Refactoring Solutions

We don’t just transform code and convert data; we understand the complete ecosystem of your applications, and we know how to get you where you need to go, quickly and efficiently. Here are the main technologies we cover.


This service provides the automated migration of legacy applications with a substantial portion of business logic written in Assembler (IBM z/OS, z/VSE or BS2000/OSD) to functionally equivalent C# or Java programs that run on Open Systems.


Any application developed with CA IDMS technology can be automatically converted  to a functionally identical application, ready to run within an alternative technical environment on the same platform, or on a different platform altogether.


This service automates the transformation of COBOL source code to C#.NET or Java. In addition, data is moved to a modern relational SQL database on the target platform.


The Astadia IMS migration solution takes any application developed with IMS/DB and IMS/DC and automatically converts it to a functionally identical one, ready to run within an alternative technical platform.


The Astadia MAPPER solution provides the possibility to transform UNISYS 4GL MAPPER application source code (including MAPPER C source code) to JAVA.

Natural / ADABAS

This service automates the transformation of Software AG’s Natural product application source code to C#.NET or Java. Data is moved to a modern relational SQL database on the target platform.


This service automatically transforms PL/I application source code to JAVA source code, and PL/I databases are migrated to an SQL database.


Automate the modernization of CA Ideal and CA Datacom applications.

z/OS & z/VSE

The Astadia z/OS and z/VSE mainframe migration service is a versatile solution to automatically replace the entire mainframe platform together with all the core applications that reside on it.

Michel Le Guillevic, IT Director

Air France Industries

“We chose Astadia because through their extensive experience in migrating applications to modern platforms, they were able to automate the conversion. Using their own tools and their migration methodology, they were able to guarantee a migration without risk and without business interruption.”

Michel Le Guillevic, IT Director

Air France Industries

Air France Industries modernized their IT system by successfully migrating from a mainframe-based system to a Windows platform. Read more case studies from other happy clients.

COBOL Transformation Options

The cloud offers compelling economics, the latest technologies and platforms, and the agility to adapt your information systems quickly and efficiently. Learn how to migrate IBM mainframes safely and effectively to the Google Cloud Platform.

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