This booklet aspires to introduce you to the world of migrating in-house developed mainframe applications to the cloud. It describes approaches to get out of the mainframe for use cases in which you own the source code, and you are free to decide and take actions with this code.

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You face issues with your mainframe environment, and you are under pressure to move your legacy applications to the cloud.

The challenge you have, however, is that there are so many different ways to start moving out of the mainframe.

If you are looking for an overview of your options, this booklet is for you. It is meant to assist leaders involved in admittedly one of the most needed, but also toughest challenges ever in the corporate IT-industry.

This Booklet is for You If:

  • You want to understand all the available approaches for modernizing and migrating mainframes to the cloud
  • You want to understand the timing and risks associated with these approaches
  • You are looking for a framework to support the decision-making process
  • You want to get an understanding of the common misconceptions of such projects
  • You are wondering if and how you can replace your stable home-grown mainframe applications in the shortest time possible.
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“Making the decision to migrate applications from the mainframe can be a challenge. Determining the right approach for each set of applications is an even bigger challenge. In this book, Mario assesses how each solution addresses the problems or business challenges and simplifies the process of selecting the right approach. Mario also addresses common misconceptions clearing the way for fact-based migration decisions. This book is a must read for companies considering a mainframe migration.”

Bob Ellsworth President, Mainframe Transformation Consulting

Mario Mees

About the Author

Mario Mees holds Master Degrees in Applied Economics, Information Technology and Business Administration from the University of Leuven, Belgium. He started his career as a research assistant at the university. Mario is a veteran in the industry with international assignments in companies like Texas Instruments, Sterling Software and Microsoft. Mario joined Anubex in 2012 and he is currently member of the leadership team at Astadia, actively engaging with clients and partners on a daily basis and involved in setting product directions.

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