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The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an excellent target environment for transitioning from a mainframe workload to a cloud implementation. Oracle Cloud offers a complete operational environment in support of mainframe workloads. In addition, Oracle Cloud supports innovation of the application portfolio, improving the productivity of application developers and support personnel.

DataTurn also enables automated mainframe to Oracle data migrations.

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Ensure success with a reliable and scalable mainframe migration strategy.

Functional Equivalence

Astadia’s Oracle migration solution guarantees that the migrated application is functionally equivalent to the original application.

Automated Migration and Testing

100% automated code and data conversion, automated testing tools for both batch and online workloads, and fully integrated automated workflow. 

Business Continuity

Astadia’s unique IP and migration solution keep the code and data freeze period to a strict minimum.

Lower costs. Shorter projects

Use Astadia’s automated testing solution to reduce risk, cost, and timeframes in your Oracle migration project.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Greater Agility

This financial services organization is one of the larger credit card processing companies in the U.S., employing over 10,000 employees and managing total assets of over $7 billion.

Astadia replatformed the mainframe workload using Oracle ART and Oracle Visual COBOL and refactored CICS with Oracle Tuxedo.

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Main Benefits of Migrating to OCI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has all the services you need to migrate, build, and run all your IT, from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud native applications and data platforms.
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Easy Migration Process

OCI was designed with key cloud technologies to address the requirements of enterprise applications.

Native Applications

OCI has the broad cloud services and partner ecosystem you need to build production cloud native apps.

Autonomous Services

Autonomous services are designed to automate the patching and performance tuning of the operating system and the database.

Hybrid Cloud Support

Customers can run an entire OCI region from within their data center, move entire on-premises VMware environments to public cloud regions, or deliver OCI services like Exadata and Roving Edge right to the site of the work needed.

Built-in Security Features

Every application you want to secure requires a host of different services, often with different pricing per service. At OCI, most of the security tooling is free, designed into the core experience from the start of your application build or migration.

Price Performance

Core cloud capabilities, such as security and container management, included in the cost of compute, not as an add-on charge. Design, planning, and migration of workloads into the cloud at no extra cost, through the Cloud Lift program.

Three Strong Promises

Functional Equivalence

The migrated application’s behavior is identical to that of the original one.

Performance Equivalence

The migrated application will perform at least as well as the original one.

Maintenance Equivalence

The maintenance of the migrated application will be comparable in effort to the original application.

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