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Automated migration and testing software is crucial in successful transformation projects. It guarantees efficient, error-free work, reduces the turnaround time for workflows, and eliminates potential errors or delays. This is very important, since many of these applications involve tens of millions of lines of code. Moving and transforming code sets of this size is fraught with risk and prone to error. Automatic Transformation will dramatically improve the process.

Harness the Power of Automation

>> Modernize Fast

Transform faster and more effectively with the right modernization approach.

>> Maintain Data Integrity

Ensure all data is converted correctly during the migration process.

>> Reduce Timeframes

Save tens of men-hours and unburden your development team from repetitive work.

>> Reduce Costs and Risks

Dramatically reduce time, costs, and risks during the modernization process.

The Astadia FastTrack Factory

Get Access to New Technologies and Business Models

Modernizing legacy business applications to fully equivalent modern systems has long been the exclusive field of highly technical and specialized companies. At Astadia, this complex process is almost entirely automated using state-of-the-art technologies.

The Astadia Factory is a collection of tools that industrializes the process of migrating and testing legacy applications. We make the technology available for partners and clients to support their migration operations and to help them reap all the benefits of digital transformation. The Astadia Factory is delivered to clients and partners as a dedicated On-Premise facility, or delivered via a Cloud-based PaaS.

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Unique Process, Unparalleled Performance

Functional Equivalence

Our mainframe migration approach is like-for-like or iso-functional: the migrated application is functionally equivalent to the original application.

Automation and Inherent Modernization

Our automation tools allow up to +99,99% automated legacy data code conversion. Moreover, they make the modernization possible during the migration process.

No Code Freeze: Business Continuity

Our unique IP and migration solutions keep the code & data freeze period to a strict minimum.

Native Technologies and Cloud

Enjoy continuous development, full flexibility, and native support for modern enhancements by converting and migrating legacy data to the cloud.

The Astadia Training Program

The Astadia certification is a training program that helps IT professionals unlock the potential of automation for complex digital transformation projects.

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