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Each cloud model offers specific features and functionalities and understanding the way it can match your organizations' needs is crucial. Astadia’s automated cloud migration solution safely migrates any application to any cloud infrastructure, be it public, private, or hybrid.

Quickly Adapt, Innovate, and Shorten the Time to Market

In the digital transformation race, the growth of the cloud marketplace is reshaping both technology and business ecosystems. It disrupts industries, remodels economies, and transforms the way we work, produce, and consume. For many organizations, agility, sustainability, efficiency, and enhanced customer experience will no longer be a competitive advantage but the condition to surviving a fast-evolving marketplace. Regardless of the type of cloud – be it public, private, hybrid, or a combination - moving applications to the cloud is inevitable.

Automated Cloud Migration

Astadia offers any application solution we deliver to work on all of the popular cloud platforms. This includes AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle and others. Many IBM and Unisys mainframe applications may be replatformed or refactored, depending on the client’s needs and objectives.

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All popular relational platforms are supported on the cloud target. This includes Db2 LUW, Azure SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and others. Standard file management systems are available for sequential data processing.

Test Automation (TA) is an extremely important phase of any migration, prior to a “Go Live” decision, and beyond. Astadia has advanced TA capabilities, which improve the time and effort of IT staff, as well as ensuring a higher software quality result. Our TA infrastructure may be established at release point, then maintained into the future as the application is enhanced and maintained.

Is Your Organization Cloud-Ready?

Deployments to the Cloud Are Accelerating

“The rapid pace of innovation in cloud infrastructure and platform services (CIPS) makes cloud the de facto platform for new digital services and existing traditional workloads alike, which is why 40% or all enterprise workloads will be deployed in CIPS by 2023, up from only 20% in 2020” – according to Gartner’s predictions.

Control Costs

Unlock Vertical Scalability

  • Get the additional processing power you need. Scale-up with minimum effort and investment, and scale-down when necessary.

  • Great for “peak load” processing requirements: month-end, quarter-end, year-end processing.

Maximize Data Insights

  • Increase data storage and processing capacity.

  • Get faster data transfer and easier access to analytics to extract actionable business insights.

Innovate Fast

  • Meet your customers’ rising expectations by rapidly responding with innovative products and services.

  • By implementing DevOps, it’s possible to have multiple releases per day.

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Unique Process, Unparalleled Performance

Functional Equivalence

Our mainframe migration approach is like-for-like or iso-functional: the migrated application is functionally equivalent to the original application.

Automation and Inherent Modernization

Our automation tools allow up to +99,99% automated legacy data code conversion. Moreover, they make the modernization possible during the migration process.

No Code Freeze: Business Continuity

Our unique IP and migration solutions keep the code & data freeze period to a strict minimum.

Native Technologies and Cloud

Enjoy continuous development, full flexibility, and native support for modern enhancements by converting and migrating legacy data to the cloud.

IBM z/OS Mainframe to Google Cloud Platform

The cloud offers compelling economics, the latest technologies and platforms, and the agility to adapt your information systems quickly and efficiently. Learn how to migrate IBM mainframes safely and effectively to the Google Cloud Platform.

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