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We're on a mission to emancipate organizations from their mainframes. Over the last 28 years we've helped hundreds of organizations on their digital transformation journeys. 

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Our Approach

A successful journey begins with understanding where you are starting and where you want to go.  That is why our approach begins with asking specific questions and listening intently to understand your specific situation and application portfolio.  Before we talk about solutions, we will understand your technical issues, business requirements, and context.

As a consulting and services organization, Astadia is not limited to one size fits all thinking.  We will partner with you to craft the right solution for your journey.  This approach has allowed us to migrate hundreds of millions of lines of code over the past 28 years. From planning and migration, to DevOps and testing, to managed services we can guide you through a successful journey using our READI methodology.

Our Services


Fully understand your legacy environment and get a roadmap of your modernization journey.


"Lift and shift" your mainframe workloads to the cloud or a distributed system.


Convert legacy code into modern code and integrate into your existing dev environment.


Remove the headache of managing your IT environment by letting us manage it for you.

"Modernization enables us to improve our current processes and performance!"
Kevin Burns, Information Systems Manager
The City of Miami

After moving off the mainframe,

The City of Miami was able to save over $900,000 per year.

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