Astadia is best known as the leader in mainframe modernization and cloud migration; but the majority of our clients choose to work with Astadia over the long-term, not just to ensure the ongoing success of the initiatives they began with us, but also to establish lasting IT service excellence within their organizations.

As organizations transition from an environment dominated by legacy mainframe systems to highly distributed systems and cloud platforms, it’s critical that their practices around IT service management, security, and application support also be brought up to date. At Astadia, we have helped numerous clients make that transition. We understand both ends of the mainframe modernization journey, so we have a unique perspective on how organizations can achieve sustained IT excellence.

Astadia’s Managed Services team extends the capabilities of our clients’ IT organizations with end-user support, system monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery, software rollout, custom application development, and more. We approach managed services in much the same way that we approach our legacy modernization projects, – that is, with an eye to the unique requirements of each customer we work with.

We are especially proud of the fact that our customers truly see us as partners in their success. While a lot of companies make claim to offer highly personalized, high-touch services; we hear regular feedback from our customers telling us that Astadia truly delivers, – functioning as an extension of the customer’s organization and reliably meeting or exceeding expectations. Our compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) consistently exceeds 99%.

Astadia’s Managed Services organization is staffed in North America, with primary locations in Montréal Canada, and Raleigh, North Carolina. It has never been our practice to shift services to low-cost offshore personnel.

Many of our customers have engaged Astadia for managed services because they have worked with us on a mainframe modernization project and they recognize that we bring a broad set of skills to the table, along with a corporate culture focused on service excellence. Here are some of the services that we provide to our customers:

Desktop Support: Astadia’s desktop support services offer a blend of on-site, full-time resources and part-time, on-demand personnel to assist organizations in standardizing their desktop infrastructure and optimizing ROI. We help our customers reduce the overall number of help desk calls, decrease time to resolution for desktop issues, and improve employee productivity. We handle asset management, imaging and provisioning, printer support, parts logistics, and depot management, mobile device management, and more.

Service Desk / Help Desk: Astadia has over 25 years of experience delivering global, multilingual customer care. Our agents use leading technology tools and best practices to meet high service levels and exceed customer expectations. We understand that when we speak to your customers, we’re representing you. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Each Astadia Service Desk operation is customized to your unique business, technology, and service requirements.  We can provide 24x7 support on-site at your facilities or off-site at one of our Global Solution Centers. Our services leverage industry-leading service management tools, ITIL compliant processes, and state-of-the-art, multi-channel contact center technologies. We support a full range of technologies including mobile devices, computers, software, phone system, and even lab equipment.

Application Maintenance & Support: With over 25 years of experience in enterprise IT systems, we understand the critical business applications that larger organizations rely upon every day. We provide first-line support for ERP and CRM systems, mainframe programs, custom applications, and other business-critical software. In addition, we handle the deployment of software patches and upgrades for many of our clients.

Security Management and Training: As organizations make the shift from legacy platforms to distributed and cloud computing, many struggles to keep pace with security standards, including the creation of an overall structure for managing enterprise security. Astadia has worked with military and government organizations that require the highest security standards; so we understand what it takes to safeguard large, interconnected systems and the information they contain. Security services typically include remote monitoring, system monitoring and management, patch deployment, and training end-users to guard against social engineering attacks.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: The transition from mainframe systems to cloud platforms also implies major changes in an organization’s approach to backup and disaster recovery. Our managed services team works with our clients to build a comprehensive assessment of a client’s existing landscape, identifying risks, and developing a mitigation plan. After that plan has been implemented, Astadia can provide ongoing monitoring and testing to ensure that disaster recovery mechanisms are fully operable, and that any new risks are promptly identified and mitigated.

Remote Monitoring: Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) service focuses on the performance and monitoring of the client’s IT infrastructure including network, servers, and applications. We monitor, record, and escalate alerts received via a suite of industry-standard RMM tools.

Custom Software Development: Many of the clients who engage Astadia for legacy modernization projects do so in order to enable broader innovation initiatives. Recently, for example, we recently completed a major re-platforming project for a large county government that sought to lay the foundation for digital transformation. That included integration with e-government platforms and mobile apps that make it easier for county residents to engage with county departments.

Astadia has built mobile and web applications for a number of our clients, enabling them to win new business, engage more deeply with their customers, and expand their addressable markets.  We have developed custom GIS applications for oil and gas, providing field personnel with media access to critical geospatial information. While many managed services companies are limited to managing infrastructure, Astadia understands business applications, and we can work with you to build exactly what you need.

Quality Management: Astadia offers a full range of testing services and tools to ensure that individual software components, applications, and systems perform to specified requirements before they go live. Our quality management services cover a range of different scenarios, including software development, data migration, system integration, recovery testing, and performance testing and tuning.

Business Process Outsourcing: Astadia handles end-to-end business processes or many of our clients, including warranty claims support, clinical trials support, dealer management, and category space management.

As the year, our goal is to establish lasting relationships with the customers we serve. Whether you are seeking to better understand how to manage your IT environment after a cloud migration or you need to quickly ramp up support after a legacy modernization project, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us today to learn more about how Astadia’s managed services. offerings can help you

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