R&D Updates at a Glance

In 2021, the Astadia development team has been working diligently to improve and extend migration options for our clients.

Here is an overview of the most important new functionalities and accomplishments.


  • On top of transformations to COBOL, we introduced IDMS transformations to Java
  • In 2021 we brought full support for IDMS Logical Record Facility (LRF) to the market.


  • We already had support for migrations from CICS to COBOL and Java based distributed environments, and now ensured a feature-parity solution targeting .NET


  • We added fully automated transformation from Assembler to Java on top of the already successful support for C#


  • We added Kubernetes based cloud deployment as a fully supported target
  • We extended our CA ADS to COBOL solutions to run under CICS on z/OS also
  • We added JEE application servers as a target for deployment
  • We now fully support .NET Core 3.2
  • We now fully support JDK11


  • We added support for comparison of regular files, apart from the already supported database comparison
  • We added a new Diff algorithm to allow comparison of files and tables without primary key


  • DataTurn can now use a SQLite-based repository, hereby enhancing ease of deployment and exchange of repositories between development environments
  • DataTurn’s template-based generator back-end has been revised and improved in terms of both maintainability and performance

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