There are a number of buzzwords circling the market these days: Infrastructure as Code, Micro Services, AI, and Machine Learning.  But none more prolific than DevOps.  Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and claiming success that they have implemented DevOps in their organization. I have even had one CIO tell me with pride that have hired a “DevOps guy”.

While many organizations have made the move from waterfall methodologies to shorter, faster, agile processes, they are not seeing the staggering benefits they have been promised by all of the white papers and blogs they have read. Just adopting agile principles is a good start, let’s call it DevOps 1.0, but ere is what your organization can do with your development team to begin to truly reap the benefits that you have been looking for: 

Astadia can work with your team to help you build a fully Managed Engineering Environment (MEE), removing all of the time wasting activities from your development (and Ops) team, and creating a standard environment for you to use and greatly increase the productivity of your group. 

We also recognize that implementing these changes can create some cultural challenges. We are very aware of these issues and are adept in helping you and your company navigate your way through this potential minefield. 

We would love to speak with you about how our solutions use the best of breed tools, automation, and expert consultants, combined with processes honed from 25 years of experience, to help you get the DevOps benefits you were seeking.

Keep an eye out for the next blog in this series on Testing in a DevOps 2.0 scenario.

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